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This smartphone will revolutionize mobile gaming. The video is proof

After seeing how the LG Wing’s secondary display can be extremely useful while driving, a new video published by the Antroid Authority reveals one of the virtually limitless uses that can be applied to the gaming universe. Based on this short 10-second video, we have a clear idea that the new smartphone from LG could revolutionize the way we approach mobile games.

In the video, we see the user playing a car game that, thanks to its secondary screen, has the race map displayed outside the main screen, leaving much more free space. Usually, games for smartphones end up having a very obstructed field of view, either by their controls or by supporting visual elements.

The existence of a secondary screen of this nature opens the window to a wide variety of alternatives. Even in this example, it would be extremely interesting to use the second screen to present an image of the rear view mirror, allowing the game to constantly see what is going on behind it.

LG Wing may start a revolution in gaming smartphone design

So far, we have seen the world of gaming smartphones evolve in an incredible way, now appearing much more captivating than at the beginning. However, the vast majority of manufacturers continue to focus on innovations related to smartphone performance and not on adding tools that significantly improve the gaming experience.

The most recent additions in this segment were the physical / tactile buttons integrated into the ends of smartphones, enabling an experience closer to that experienced in traditional game consoles.

Now, with the new LG Wing, we see a totally different approach to this segment, demonstrating in a fantastic way how much the addition of a secondary screen can bring to the gaming experience.

There are countless ways to take advantage of the LG Wing’s second screen, in the most varied types of games. For example, in a Battle Royale such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, it can be used to display details about the player’s inventory and information about their weapons. Or, simply display the map that usually occupies the entire upper corner of the screen, considerably limiting the player’s visibility.

There is still no concrete information on a possible presentation date and market price for the LG Wing. However, several rumors point to the possibility of a presentation in October. As for its price, it is expected that the implementation of this new design will arrive with an above average price.

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