This smartphone has a front camera like you’ve never seen before!

Vivo Apex smartphone

Vivo revealed the concept of the future APEX. Vivo’s Apex range are terminals that are slightly ahead of the technology used at that time. However, we have already seen Vivo APEX smartphone technologies revealed on other devices months later.

For example, the first Apex gave us the world’s first smartphone with a biometric sensor (fingerprint reader) on the screen. The second model was the first in the world to bring a pop-up camera with a mechanism.

Here’s Vivo’s smartphone with a different technology on the front camera

Vivo Apex smartphone

This new model of Vivo Apex shows us a smartphone with an end-to-end screen and a pop-up camera. So far there is nothing new.

Vivo Apex

The novelty lies in the possibility of removing the front camera and using it as a “loose camera”. That is, a small film or photo camera that works by voice control. To store it, you just need to put it back in place and the front camera hides again.

This Vivo Apex design has already won some “Red DOT” awards (renowned design awards). Although the smartphone is not yet a reality, it is not unreasonable to imagine that Vivo will reveal a device with this style.

Vivo is one of the most important brands of smartphones

Vivo smartphone

Although Vivo is not one of the most important brands in UK (or even Europe), this is one of the best selling manufacturers in China. Consequently, one of the best sellers worldwide.

After having tested various equipment from the manufacturer, I can only complain about the User Interface, which is far from being similar to the Pure Android that I like so much. However, everything else at Vivo manages to surprise. The fact of thinking “outside the box” gives us a technological boost that we need in this segment.

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