Home Automobiles This smartphone (concept) is inspired by Tesla Cybertruck and is fantastic!

This smartphone (concept) is inspired by Tesla Cybertruck and is fantastic!

This smartphone (concept) is inspired by Tesla Cybertruck and is fantastic!

Contrary to what many say, Tesla is not preparing a smartphone. At least for now. However, if this Tesla Cybertruck-inspired smartphone concept were, it was a guaranteed special addition.

Designer Jonas Daehnert, known on Twitter as PhoneDesigner, has already revealed to us some of his sketches for future smartphones and today has a special gift for all Tesla Cybertruck lovers.

The Tesla Cybertruck-inspired smartphone

We can see clear inspirations in Tesla's new electric car (or van). The concept shows us a metal construction and a 7 "inch screen.

The lower back shows us the same look as the Tesla Cybertruck when it has its cargo box closed. The "sharp" lines and the bold design totally escapes what we see today in the market and only then conquer.

Tesla Cybertruck smartphone

The metal construction would make this smartphone not able to charge the wireless device. An increasingly sought after feature in the high end. Still, it's worth remembering that it's just a concept.

Finally, the design believes that a 3-chamber rear set will be the best option. Already the front camera is in the center of the smartphone in a small "hole" to what we currently have in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

Tesla Cybertruck smartphone

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Interestingly, even the designer believes that such a smartphone should not have a charging input. Something that will contradict what I previously said about wireless charging.

Tesla Cybertruck smartphone

But we have to discount an imaginary smartphone. This equipment does not exist, but it is still a good piece of art that would be beautiful to see in the hands of millions.

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