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This replica of The Mandalorian rifle is just perfect

The Mandalorian 2 is here

Yesterday the first episode of the second season or the ninth (Chapter 9) of the entire series was finally released The Mandalorian, as you want to see it. Baptized «The marshal«, Is already being cataloged by many as one of the best episodes of fiction that we have and even as the quintessential chapter if you have to stay with only one since the production was released in 2019.

It is not for less. Without wanting to get into spoilers – quiet – we will say that this return of the mandalorian gives us possibly more references than ever to the Star Wars saga, meeting that essence of the franchise and many winks in the form of places, landscapes, creatures and even characters –oh, oh, characters. If the rest of the chapters that await us in this second installment are that good, we can only wait one season to frame, which will only confirm that this idea, supported by Jon Fravreau, is one of the best projects in which the franchise and Disney have been involved for years.

the mandalorian

It is also true that the phenomenon plays an important role in this good reception. fan. Viewers of The Mandalorian We have been waiting for his return for so long that it is inevitable that, if everything remains true to its essence, it will do nothing but enchant us. Even with this, there are followers who go further: this is the case of the protagonists of the following video, who have been in charge of making an exact replica of the ‘Command’ rifle and they have documented it on video to our delight. Check out.

The Mandalorian’s Rifle

Svetlana and Benni are two fans of cosplay that have their own website and a channel in which they show their creations and occurrences within this exciting world. They dress the same as video game characters, as in movies or series that they are fans of, with a level of detail typical of the most specialized in this world, and, best of all, they share it with their followers so that they too be able to create new inspirations.

The Mandalorian

Among the many projects they have done is the replica of the call Amban rifle, the weapon that our Mandalorian always carries with him on his back. It is a device of great length and whose tip is reminiscent of a two-pronged fork. Svetlana and Benni have managed to recreate it to perfection and the best of all is that their core items Work have been a PVC tube and eva rubber material (in addition to numerous accessories and paintings, of course).

The replica was created 5 months ago but they just showed it in a Reddit thread and it is starting to become much more popular. If you want to keep an eye on it and even cheer up with the craft, you have it right below. Take notes. You are going to need them.

* Note to the reader: the link to Amazon that is part of this article is associated with our agreement with their Affiliate Program. Even so, the recommendations that are published in EntertainmentBox are always made freely, without attending to any type of request from the aforementioned brands.


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