The strange remote control of the Sony for the TV

Sony has shown a new device designed for the TV, a remote control or remote control that has a speaker as a feature. Yes, it integrates a speaker and not of small dimensions that we say. Moreover, at first glance we would not know if it is a remote control with a speaker or, conversely, a speaker with an integrated remote control.

Anyway, this Sony proposal attracts attention and may only work in Japan (commercially speaking), where it seems that they are more accustomed to seeing this type of products that, for example, here in Europe we would consider as more strange and perhaps not very functional due to size issues.

Although, as well it points Victor VSony has already launched an earlier model (Sony SRS-LSR100) with the same essence but less capable at the technological level. But well, let’s review what this particular gadget offers itself. The Sony device is similar to a small portable speaker, almost equal in size to most current smartphones but with a larger volume. That also means more weight, 630 grams to be exact.

At the bottom it integrates three speakers. The left and right (or, 5W power each) are responsible for providing stereo sound and the center (1W power) is focused on the reproduction of the frequencies produced by the voices. This reduces distortion and gains in clarity and presence. On the top are the controls of the TV: raise and lower volume, change the channel or directly select the number, … a very simple keypad that is accompanied by a wheel with which to control the volume of the speaker itself.


Should my TV have bluetooth connection to use it? No, this device does not require anything special from any TV where you want to use. The only thing is to have a headphone output, if it can be used in conjunction with the TV speakers then even better, or optical output. In this way, you will connect that audio to the base that will be responsible for wirelessly transmitting the signal to the speaker-control, in addition to also serving as a charging station for when you want to take it from one side to another (autonomy of approximately 13 hours ).

Why do I want a remote control like that?

As we said, the same for your customs or needs seems like something little useful. But the moment you think about two or three use cases, things change. Because, for example, this It could be a good complement for older people.

That is, the simplicity of control and having a loudspeaker that emphasizes clearly reproducing voices could help them listen to their programs better and operate the television without having to search for controls around the house.

It could also be useful for when you want to keep listening what is being talked about in a program and you want or you need to go to another room. Ok, you could turn up the TV volume to keep listening, but it’s not the most pleasant option for your neighbors. And related to this, it is also a way of not having to wear headphones and less disturbing other people in the house who may be resting. Of course, headphones are better for that, but it’s another use case.

In short, it is likely that beyond Japan we will not see it or it will not be well understood why it could be interesting and even necessary. Although we are left with that particular idea of ​​the amount of products that are created to meet the needs of the Japanese, which are still a very particular market in everything related to technology. Ah it will cost about 200 euros to change and leaves in Japan on February 22.