This orange briefcase hidden in Fortnite could be related to Tenet

This orange briefcase hidden in Fortnite could be related to Tenet

Tenet in Fortnite?

Orange Tenet Fortnite briefcase

Although for now there is nothing to confirm the situation, it seems that we are facing another perfectly orchestrated marketing maneuver for what is right now the most desired film of the year. On the one hand, the room that hides the briefcase has music in the background that immediately recalls the soundtrack that can be heard in the trailer of Tenet. And it is that more than similar, we could almost assure that it is an extract of it.

As if that were not enough, this trailer includes the definitive clue, and that is that at minute 1:35 you can see the protagonist carrying a briefcase identical to the orange briefcase that appears in this secret room.

The object in question does not cause any kind of mechanism or do anything special. Just the music ends and there is nothing else to do, but it could be leaving us a clue of what we could see soon on the island.

Tenet trailer briefcase

Where can the orange briefcase be found?

To find this curious Easter egg, you just have to scroll to the building number 4 of Angry stacks and keep track of the music playing in the background. To do this, enter through the door of the upper terrace, look for the stairs and destroy the floor that interrupts them to continue going down one more floor. Follow the sound of the music, destroy the wall, and you will discover the briefcase and the mysterious object.

So does it have to do with Tenet?


If all these clues still make you doubt, we must remember that Nolan already showed some details of his film in the game, and as if that were not enough, in one of the last parties held the Magristal Party, Movie Night, it served to screen three very famous films by the same director, since Inception, Batman Begins and The Prestige they could be seen in the open air cinema of the island of events.

Having seen what I have seen, it seems that yes, that briefcase could be related to Tenet, and is that knowing that its premiere will finally take place on August 28It was about time that we began to see this type of game with the public with the idea of ​​warming up. And the movie certainly deserves it.


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