This new Stranger Things 4 video reveals more than it seems

This new Stranger Things 4 video reveals more than it seems

Stranger Things 4: a long awaited season

Those who said to extend the history of Stranger Things could only result in the tiredness of the format were very, very wrong. The third season of the series was one of the more views of the history of Netflix and the fan phenomenon continues to increase, which ended up leading the platform to make the decision everyone expected and wanted: the confirmation of a fourth season.

The voices about whether it is perhaps a big mistake to return to stretch the gum they rang again, but the truth is that today we can more curious than laziness and lovers of everything that surrounds Stranger Things we are again eager to know more and more about a quarter season that, at least, seems different.

Theory Stranger Things 4

We know that the Byers family left home in the Season Finale and, in fact, one of the slogans of the series for the following season is the already famous “We are no longer in Hawkins”, so it is expected that the events and part of the plot take place in another environment that is sure to bring fresh air to the series. And we say “part” because we know that at least one of the “locations” of history will be Russia, Where we recently received news with love.

Yes, we refer to the first teaser of the season, a short but very effective video that served to confirm that one of the most important characters in the main cast is still alive. Hooper He did not die in the famous explosion but was captured by the Russians and is now doing forced labor somewhere remote from Siberia.

Put things like this, the followers now only ask one thing: when will it be released? Stranger Things 4? This is still the big question that plans in the environment at the moment, but at least we have one clear thing: filming has already begun and in good faith it gives the latest video published by Netflix on social networks.

Stranger Things filming start video

The big red N has wanted to share more content with all the followers so that the hype continue your course and have uploaded to the official account of Stranger Things on Twitter a video of homemade air in which the beginning of filming of the season is shown. Evidently this did not happen a few days ago (it is known that it began to roll already at the beginning of January), but surely you also like to see the atmosphere behind the cameras in a first script reading.

The video, in addition to showing us that our little protagonists grow at a devilish pace, also confirms the presence of certain secondary characters: we can see Priah Ferguson, who gives life to Erica, Lucas’s sister, who will have more weight in the next season, as has been revealed; to Maya Hawke -very passing, sitting next to Natalia Dyer (Nancy) -, which means that Robin returns; and even to Brett Gelman, so that we can also count on the participation of the particular character Murray Bauman. Without a doubt, this is the most important information we can extract from the recording.

Bets open: how long will it take Netflix to give us the next dose in the form of a new video or ad?


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