How to make a miniature of The Mandalorian (and not die trying)

Have in your hands a franchise as important as that of Star wars It is not easy to manage, however, the people of Disney have managed to hit the key when it comes to squeezing this universe and adapting it to the TV series format. Thus was born The Mandalorian, a fantastic installment that premiered with the arrival of the Disney service + in several countries and that has garnered fans in virtually the entire globe.

And the fact that it is only available in a few and few markets has not prevented many people from enjoying the series (oh, the downloads) and fall in love with a story that keeps the essence of Star Wars intact – possibly the most repeated assessment since the first chapter was released. The Baby yodaOf course, it has also helped all this phenomenon, becoming one of the most popular characters of the moment and a money maker for Disney – along with the rest of merchandising of The Mandalorian.

Such is the success of the series that, evidently, the boys of “Black Magic Craft” have not hesitated to recreate one of their scenes. In case you don’t know him, in this YouTube channel incredible scenes in miniatures (the so-called dioramas) of games, characters and buildings are built, while those interested are also taught how to do it and give advice on materials to use. In short, an attraction for lovers of miniature buildings that you should keep an eye on if you like this world.

The Mandalorian - Diorama

As you can see under these lines, the level of detail they get is amazing. Both the figure of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda like many other pieces used and hand painted are 3D printed with resin, achieving elements as detailed and achieved as the cases of stormtroopers stuck in stakes. The construction of the facade of the house let’s say it is more «handmade», a process that you can enjoy completely (the video lasts about 20 minutes) just then, by pressing the play:

In the video information box it is possible to find a link to the official website of the channel in which absolutely all the details are detailed. Used materials in the recreation of these scenarios, from the most complex machines to the brushes used to paint. A good collection of gadgets hardly available to everyone, but, hey, it never hurts to know if you suddenly get inspiration. And if this is not the case, we will always have YouTube to recreate without moving a finger.