This limited edition Dune sold out in a matter of hours

This limited edition Dune sold out in a matter of hours

Dune, a timeless work that reaches the cinema

Considered by some to be the greatest exponent of 20th century science fiction literature, Dune it is undoubtedly an essential piece in the libraries of many avid readers. Frank Hebert, its author, knew how to create an exciting and new world in Arrakis with a protagonist, Paul Atreides, which you get hooked on shortly after you start reading its pages.

Such is the pull and strength of the novel (which actually has several volumes, forming a saga) that film and television have also succumbed to its charms, with various attempts to adapt its universe to the screen. Unfortunately, the projects have generally not come to fruition (although in the case of David Lynch’s 80s film, nowadays it is even considered a cult film due to its controversy) so we find out that a new adaptation of prepared by the hand of Denis Villeneuve It was a great and pleasant surprise.

Dune trailer

Planned for December this 2020 (If the current pandemic does not prevent it, which we do not know for sure), it will be a bilogy in which we will enjoy an exceptional cast, a good soundtrack and some special effects that promise, as we could see in its recent trailer official.

Dune - The Folio Society

Denis, yes, is not the only one who has decided to rescue the work of the 50s: The Folio Society, possibly taking advantage of this cinematographic pull, has created a limited edition of the novel, which, unfortunately, has been available for only a few hours.

The Dune Edition of The Folio Society

In case you know it, The Folio Society is a British publisher that usually has quite special volumes and limited editions of many great and famous works. They are generally expensive products, but that the great followers of a story gladly pay knowing that they will have a unique jewel in their hands.

Dune - The Folio Society

And that’s just what happened to Dune. Illustrated and signed by Sam Weber, the publisher yesterday launched a spectacular edition composed by the Hebert novel Cloth-bound stamped and printed in black and gold ink on specialty paper, 13 color illustrations on Modigliani paper, marker, several accompanying plates, and an additional book with commentary on Dune. Everything is kept in a spectacular protection box also illustrated, so you can have all the content protected (and at the same time, show it off).

Dune - The Folio Society

500 units were launched, only one per person was allowed to be purchased and the price was not at all negligible: 495 pounds that come to be one 542 euros, based on the current conversion.

Despite this, the edition sold out in hours, being already a cult collection reserved for a few. Although you cannot have it, it is worth admiring it both in the images that illustrate this article and in the video that we leave you below. Go past.

In Amazon there is a “Deluxe” version of the book, which although it is far from what you have just seen in images, at least it has a special touch and, above all, it is considerably cheaper.

It is a hardcover edition, with color illustrations, blue page edges and accompanied by a large print. If you remove the dust jacket from the book, you will find a cover that is recorded an epic phrase from the novel: «Fear is the mind killer«. Its price is 31.96 euros and, yes, it is in English.

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