A price for the largest video game collection

Nintendo PlayStation auction

The auction published in Heritage Auctions mark at the time of writing this article nothing less than $ 350,000. $ 350,000 for a console that never became official and is part of the history of video games. Who would be able to spend such money? Someone with a lot, obviously, but also with a lot of love for video games.

Luckey has published openly through his official Twitter account that he is bidding on the console, and that he expects no one else to keep up with him because he will attack relentlessly until he seizes the auction. Why would someone be so determined to get a product like that? Want to get some commercial performance to the console?

There are already many who think that Palmer could be looking for some kind of economic interest, however, it seems that the intentions could be quite different.

Taking care of gamer heritage

Nintendo Play Station auction

Palmer Luckey can be considered the father of virtual reality that we know today. When created the Oculus Rift, inaugurated a new ecosystem that for many users did not exist, to the point of creating a trend that, although it still has things to improve, is on its way to revolutionize the way we enjoy technology.

Oculus ended up being bought by Facebook by 3,000 million dollars, so as you will understand, now Palmer is quietly engaged in other things (although he was actually fired by Facebook for publicly supporting Trump’s campaign). Such as increasing your video game collection, a collection that is currently one of the largest in the world. And this is where the Nintendo Play Station auction comes into play.

According to his account, his only goal is to digitize and preserve the physical history of video games. This includes both titles in cartridge and CD format, as well as the different consoles that were launched in the market. His vision is that the perfect virtual reality that comes in the future will allow you to enjoy these games with the same original experience, hence it is so important to gather them all and take care of them as if they were a treasure.