Home Social networks This is what you see most in Disney + according to the first data (and it will surprise you)

This is what you see most in Disney + according to the first data (and it will surprise you)

This is what you see most in Disney + according to the first data (and it will surprise you)

Less Star Wars and more Pixar: the Disney + user profile

Disney + is still available to "very few" (only certain countries in the world have access to the platform officially), but being the US one of the markets in which it has already been released and with more than 10 million subscribers, it is possible We are already getting an idea of ​​how their users consume the contents. This is thanks, of course, to the poll made by Morning Consult with the American media The Hollywood Reporter, whose data have given us much more surprising results than we could initially expect.

And it is that in a catalog full of titles that we have already seen (in some cases, numerous times), the logical thing is to think that Disney + users have turned their heads for The Mandalorian and they have gone from the rest of the proposals, but, nothing is further from reality. It turns out that the most viewed content category of Disney + is the one that contains classics as The Lion King or Mary Poppins instead of the one that contains new proposals.

The Mandalorian

From what we can know through the aforementioned survey, approximately 22 percent of Disney + subscribers, among all age groups, claim to see more classic titles on the platform than Star Wars movies or series ( 21%), Marvel (15%), Pixar (14%), Disney Channel (9%), The Simpsons (5%) or the National Geographic originals (3%) for example.

If you look at age ranges, the difference in millennials (ages 23 to 38 years) is even more pronounced, where 25% of respondents cited Disney classics as their most viewed category, unlike from Star Wars (19%), Marvel (14%) or Pixar (13%). The contents of the Star Wars category only win in the older audience, belonging to the ranges of 39-55 years and 55-79 years.

It is one thing to answer the question of "what do you see most in Disney +" and another (although it is usually linked) "how often do you see" certain categories of Disney +. Such is the case that the survey has raised the Two issues and has obtained results for the second question also very interesting (and a very explanatory graph that you have under these lines) and whose answers were limited to "frequently", "occasionally", "rarely" and "never".

As you can see, when talking about frequency, the percentages change and Pixar takes a slightly higher percentage than the classics (although the difference is very small). Star Wars remains in 4th position – but notice the difference with what Pixar and the classics add up – while The Simpsons are the ones with the biggest "rejection": 37% of respondents never see the animated series.

Like Netflix, the position of Disney + will be to not share audience data openly, with exceptions. We do not know if the policy will change over time or when it is more widespread, but for now we have no choice but to comply with this sample of respondents. Have you been surprised by the consumption habits of your subscribers?


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