If you have a smartphone with the possibility to charge wirelessly, you should really try this technology. Personally I haven’t used a cord to charge my smartphone in a few years. Only in extreme cases or when connecting to the car.

However, not all wireless chargers are great. At least they are not as fantastic as this wireless charger from Xiaomi. The gadget is futuristic and you can charge two devices at the same time.

Charger looks for the place where you put the smartphone

Xiaomi wireless charger
Credit: Android Authority

The magic of this smartphone is in its technology. This is not just any wireless charger. No matter where you place your smartphone on the pad, the charger will find where the phone was placed.

As if by magic, as soon as you put the device on, the wireless charger turns on a small “tuning” lights and there he goes on the charging mission.

This is perfect for those who do not always put the smartphone correctly on the pad and wake up in the morning with the device without a battery.

This wireless charger from Xiaomi is not cheap

Xiaomi wireless charger

There are wireless chargers for just over € 10, however, this is not the case. In this situation, quality is paid for. The gadget is on sale at GizTop for 99.99 €. A price slightly above what we see in the market at the moment.

The good news is that you can load two devices at the same time. That is, imagine that you are buying two chargers for 25 €. The charger can charge at a speed of 20W. That is, it is not as slow as the others that cost 10 €.

Finally, there is a catch in this charger. It seems that the covers on smartphones are not ideas. At least the thickest ones. If you have a thin protective cover you should have no problems.

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