The folks at “WindowsUnited” decided to bring some images that promise to make Samsung fans’ mouth water. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be revealed later this year and everything indicates that Samsung will be inspired by the Note range to give us a more capable folding smartphone than ever.

These images are based on leaks and patents from Samsung. In other words, they are not the imagination of fans who really want a terminal of this kind.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 inspired by the Galaxy note

We can see in the images a smartphone with an ideology identical to the previous model. Still, it is hoped that Samsung has already discovered all the problems of the first version and that screen that gave so much to talk about at its launch.

On the rear lines, this Galaxy Fold 2 follows the parameters of the latest Galaxy S20. That is, a camera in the corner of the smartphone with multiple lenses.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 inspired by the Galaxy note

In the images we also have the information that Samsung can use the same way to unlock the first Galaxy Fold. A small biometric sensor located on the side of the device.

The Galaxy Note feature everyone wants in Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 inspired by the Galaxy note

There is no point in having a big screen if this screen gives us a few extra features. That is why Samsung is working on a way to bring us the Galaxy Note SPen for Fold 2.

So yes! The smartphone would have more than justification for becoming a “tablet” when opened. At the time of the presentation of the first Fold, I seriously questioned who wanted a big screen that could do little more than a “normal” screen.

With this SPen being introduced, things change completely. The Galaxy Fold 2 may be perfect for those who need a portable terminal and made with productivity in mind.

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