Home Gaming This is the proof that shows that Super Mario 3D All-Stars are ROMS

This is the proof that shows that Super Mario 3D All-Stars are ROMS

This is the proof that shows that Super Mario 3D All-Stars are ROMS

From emulator to ROM

Super Mario 64

After checking with the first impressions that none of the three games included graphical improvements, it has not been until now that everything is cake has been lifted. And it is that several programmers have done reverse engineering to know the guts of the game, discovering, to everyone's surprise, that the operation of each game is based on different emulators for Nintendo Switch.

That's right, Nintendo is emulating its games with emulators specially prepared for Switch, offering an emulator for Nintendo 64, another for Gamecube and another for Wii. The operation is perfect, but many users have taken it as a lack of respect, understanding that the games have not received the love they really required, basically because they expected a remastering (after discarding the remake).

Proof of the crime

Super Mario 64

Some have doubted the legitimacy of this information, but there is nothing like paying attention to certain details to draw clear conclusions. For example, the programmers have not been encouraged or to fix the glitch of smoke that exists in Super Mario 64, an error that appears in the form of an erroneous load of one of the textures that should appear when Mario fell on lava.

On the other hand, a version with graphical improvements would serve to close one of the enigmas that have been most debated in the entire history of Super Mario 64. If you played them back then, you will surely remember the mysterious poster that can be found in the fountain of the star, next to the castle.

This source had a poster that at that time could not be read correctly due to the poor definition it presented, however, some players with a privileged view claimed that they could identify some characters, something that ended up demolishing in a supposed hidden phrase that said “L is real”. Word of mouth ended up creating an urban legend that claimed that Luigi was hidden somewhere in the game, and that could be selected to play with as in previous editions of Mario.

Unfortunately this was never proven, and the poster always had different interpretations, so the doubt always remained there. For all this, the players hoped that this edition of Super Mario 3D All-Stars served to finally solve the riddle of the poster, however, they have been deeply disappointed to see thanks to a video of GameExplain, that the graphic on the poster is still the same as the original, so we will still not be able to read the text on the stone correctly.

This is therefore one more sample that the game that runs on Switch is an exact copy of the original Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64, since there are no graphical improvements and it has not even been possible to clearly read the text on the stone . A missed opportunity, Nintendo.

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