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This is the order in which you should read The Witcher’s books.

The Witcher, a resounding success on Netflix

The Witcher It has completely divided the criticism: while many specialized media have pointed out that the series may end up sinning at times of lack of consistency or of being a frustrated attempt to Game of Thrones, the truth is that among the fans has swept, becoming one of the best releases that are remembered on Netflix.

The Witcher

And is that the most staunch followers of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia they have given their approval to this series, in which the essence of the books -which not of the videogames, it is kept with respect, is created, creating an atmosphere very similar to the one that can be perceived in the writings of Andrzej Sapkowski, its creator.

This (or the simple fact that you liked the series and period) may have led you to consider reading the famous saga of the famous white-haired sorcerer, a task that first is not as simple as you might think. It turns out that Sapkowski began writing the adventures of Geralt de Rivia without thinking of turning it into a saga. The author, contrary to what you might think, started with some short stories that he began to publish in a fantasy magazine. Seeing the success they had, he considered the creation of the one known as Saga of the Warlock, which has made some books actually compilations of stories and others are novels, in addition to launching a title whose related events occur prior to others that were published in previous years.

To be clear about the recommended order of reading and the format of each of the books, we have compiled the classification most popular and supported by fans of the saga to know the whole story and enjoy the best possible way of the adventures of Geralt and the other protagonists.

Correct order of The Witcher’s books

The Witcher

We leave you next with the correct order in which you should start reading the Saga of the Warlock:

  1. The last wish (published in 1993): Introducing the Geralt de Rivia character and his partner, Jaskier.
  2. The sword of destiny (1992): Although chronologically it came out first, The sword of destiny pick up the stories after The last wish and lay the foundations of the rest of the book saga. It is a collection of four short stories.
  3. The blood of the elves (1994): Novel.
  4. Hate time (1995): Novel.
  5. Baptism of fire (1996): Novel.
  6. The Swallow Tower (1997): Novel.
  7. The Lady of the Lake (1999): Novel divided into two volumes.
  8. Road without return (2000): collection of short stories.
  9. Storm station (2013): Novel that takes place before the events in The last wish but that has been written intentionally like this. It is taken for granted that the reader has already read the rest of the books in the series.

Have you read the books of The Witcher? How about your adaptation to the small screen?

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