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This is the only type of charger you should consider buying

Gallium Nitride, the basis of GaN chargers

For Apple to remove chargers from their iPhone cases is a bummer for many users, as much as the company says otherwise. Although the big problem with everything is that they include a USB C to Lightning cable, when most of us have chargers to spare, they are with a USB A socket.

Even so, the positive part of all this is that it will allow many users to know the GaN chargers, the only type of charger that you should consider buying today. Why? Let’s see it, but first let’s start by knowing the base on which they are based: Gallium Nitride.

This material, known by its acronym GaN (Gallium Nitride), has been in use for many years. He was responsible for creating the first white LEDs, the blue ones for Blu-Ray players and also the color LED screens that could be viewed in broad daylight.

However, its applications were growing due to its advantages over the other great material in the world of electronics, silicon. Compared with this, Gallium Nitride offers important advantages as a increased resistance to electronic transfer and heat. Therefore, due to this it has been possible to create devices that withstand electrical currents much better at higher voltage and speed, and one of them are chargers.

Anker was one of the first manufacturers to launch one of these chargers that, thanks to all that we have discussed, could also offer other important advantages for the user: greater power and reduced size. Hence, they quickly gained popularity among users. Because they were being offered a very small gadget with which to replace those “bricks” as a charger that many manufacturers continue to offer. Sometimes just as heavy as the equipment they feed.

Advantages of GaN chargers

Known what this material is that gives its name to this type of chargers and some of its main advantages, you will already imagine what these GaN chargers are. Still, here are the ones that interest you the most:

  • Support for greater electrical power. There are models capable of supplying up to 100W, so you can change a laptop and a smartphone simultaneously
  • Possibility of creating more compact chargers by not needing such bulky heat dissipation systems
  • Versatility as multi-device charging systems thanks to the use of the USB C connector

Are fast chargers GaN chargers?

At this point you are probably wondering if a GaN charger is the same as a fast charger. The answer is yes and no. That is, a GaN charger is true that it will allow you to charge more quickly by supplying more power, but really its main difference is that they are prepared to charge devices that go beyond a phone.

Thus, although there is GaN chargers with multiple ports so that you can charge two mobile phones, or a smartphone and a tablet, it is normal that one of its virtues is being able to charge a laptop. A device that normally starts to demand from 65W onwards.

Which GaN charger to buy

If now that you are clear you are interested in making tea with one, you are probably wondering which model to buy. Well, first you have to know that little by little more models will be arriving and with each new proposal there will surely be some surprise. Therefore, consider carefully what you need. Are you looking for a GaN charger for your mobile and tablet, for your phone and laptop, only portable and at most give you an extra charge for your phone in a timely manner?

Once you are clear about your real needs when it comes to carrying a charger with you, some models that might interest you are the following:

120W Baseus GaN

Compared to other options, this Baseus charger is not the most compact, but if you compare it with that of an Apple MacBook Pro, for example, you will see that it is much more attractive and offers three connectors. Therefore, thanks to its 120W you can charge your laptop and a phone or tablet without messing up.

In addition, it not only offers two USB Cs, but also a USB A that is still sorely lacking today. As much as some say otherwise.

Baseus GaN 65W

If the 120W of the previous model seems too much, the same manufacturer offers a model that is much more compact, maintains the same three connectors (two USB C and one USB A) and reduces its power to 65W. Still, it is more than enough to charge a laptop or two mobile devices at the same time.

RavPower 90W

Another manufacturer with some popularity among those who manufacture all kinds of accessories and especially for charging mobile devices in RavPower. These have a GaN charger that offers 90W of power and two USB C connectors. Another great option for those looking for a versatile proposal to charge recent devices that have a USB C charging port.

Aukey Omnia 65W

Aukey Omnia is another GaN type charger capable of charging at a maximum power of 65W. It is not the only one from the manufacturer, but it is one of the best because it offers two USB C connections and not just one. Something that since you are going to make the investment in a new charger you always have in mind, acquire models with two or more connections. Because nowadays it is normal that we go with several devices and it is better to carry a single charger.

Belkin GaN 68W

Belkin does not need many introductions, the brand has been an accessory manufacturer for years that are well known. One of its latest proposals is this charger with a double USB C connection that allows charging at a maximum power of 68W. Ideal for laptops, tablets and of course also smartphones.

The future of cargo

Given this, stick with this name: GaN chargers. During the next few months you will continue to hear a lot about its benefits and you will learn about new proposals that will use this technology. So, If you need to purchase a new charger, make it one of these.

Do not invest in another model, even less if it is the one that you will always carry with you when you leave home with your favorite gadgets. Because with one you can only charge your laptop, Nintendo Switch, phone, tablet and even your True Wireless headphones.

* Note to reader: the links posted here are part of our agreement with the Amazon affiliate program. Despite this, our recommendations are always created freely, without attending to any kind of request from the brands mentioned in the article.


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