This is the image of Mars that will take your breath away! (video to follow)


Mars is millions of kilometers away, however, it is not an impossible dream destination. Ours rovers have been there for a few years and the Curiosity remains the one that most fascinates us.

O rover Curiosity it was scheduled for a few weeks of exploration, however, it has been there for more than 7 years and providing data that we can only imagine. This time we have a photograph with 1.8 billion pixels.

You can download the image here, however, please note that this image weighs 2GB. That is, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi before doing so.

If you don’t want to download the image, you can always watch the video above. Where, in addition to showing you a little of the details of the image, it also gives you a guided tour of the most important points of the crater where the Curiosisty.

When does man go to Mars


NASA and SpaceX have long been working on the possibility of human exploration on Mars, however, it is not simple to design a rocket that will take us, land and that conditions exist for explorers to create a “camp”.

Still, Elon Musk has already pointed out that there is a desire by Space X to take Man to Mars in 2030. A date that is not that far away.

Until then, we can only enjoy the content sent by rovers and landers that are already there. It is expected that in the coming years we will have more robots landing at the neighboring plant. The next one will be released in July and is called “Perseverance“(Perseverance in UK’s).

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