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This is the best home desktop PC you’re going to see (literally)

A table with integrated computer

Home hidden PC table

In the channel DIY Perks They decided that the best way to have a perfect desk table was to build it, and of course, they obviously weren’t going to build an ordinary table. The result? A computer-table, or a table with an integrated computer, however you want to see it. Obviously it is not as simple as attaching a case to a RaspBerry Pi … but the result is spectacular.

The manufacturing process has been completely handmade, since as you can see in the video, its creator has been in charge of cutting the 3-millimeter plates by hand to give the shape and create the necessary gaps so that everything fits perfectly .

For its manufacture you have needed the following elements:

  • 3 millimeter thick aluminum plates.
  • Wooden slats for the edges
  • Wood vinyl to imitate the finish of a large plank
  • All the components of a computer
  • Noctua low profile heatsink
  • PCI-e bus cable
  • 40 40mm Noctua fans
  • A low profile server power supply
  • All kinds of tools
  • 4 steel legs

A job only suitable for handymen

Home hidden PC table

As you can see, the manufacturing process requires some skill and a lot of imagination so that everything is perfectly. Creating certain holes for the hardware that holds the aluminum plate will require certain tools and suitable bits for the result to be perfect, so you may not have all the tools to do it.

The importance of refrigeration

Home hidden PC table

The main problem with this configuration is that, with an internal gap of 4 centimeters, many components exceed the internal height of the table, so solutions had to be found. The most obvious is the placement of the graphics card in the PCI-e slot, something that has been solved by using a bus cable to move the GPU to one side.

The heatsink and CPU fan were also a problem, so he had to replace the original heatsink to use a low-profile Noctua brand. Even so, the height was still exceeding the limit, so he had to add a supplement so that the heatsink has enough space. In addition, with the idea of ​​maintaining a constant and perfectly controlled air flow, he used very thin methacrylate sheets that allowed him to create walls to guide the air flow in only one direction, thus achieving optimal dissipation that does not affect the performance of the equipment.

The invisible PC is not available to everyone

Home hidden PC table

Considering what has been seen, the result is spectacular, but it is not available to everyone. The different tools, materials and techniques required to complete the process with the same perfection as shown in the video is too much for a normal user, so you should take all of these factors into account before getting down to work. The best thing is that the project is not 100% finished, since its creator wants to create a stand for the monitor so that it seems that it is also integrated into the table, avoiding the use of plastic stands and feet that break with the minimalism of the table itself. . We will be attentive to the news.

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