This is one of the strangest accessories for the Apple Watch

This is one of the strangest accessories for the Apple Watch

The curious kind of Ulanzi

Apple devices in general enjoy one of the largest catalogs when it comes to accessories. There are practically all types and qualities, some of them very striking and others that you see and think that where is the hidden camera because it cannot be true.

On this occasion, we are not sure whether to put this proposal by Ulanzi in the category of tools or just the opposite. Although it is still better to tell you what it offers and from there you value. So we go to them.

The Ulanzi ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount It is a as the name suggests a tripod with a holder for mobile phones. It is also extendable, so it could even double as a selfie stick. And it is as a result of this idea when the surprising part arrives. But first, let’s talk about the Apple Watch and its camera app remote shutter feature.

If you have an iPhone and a Apple watch, you will know or should know that the latter can be used to remote control mode. That is, from the clock you can trigger the camera and even activate the timer function. Quite a useful feature, really.

To be able to use this option you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the camera control app on your Apple Watch
  2. Using the Watch screen as a viewfinder, position your iPhone to frame properly
  3. If you want to zoom, just turn the digital crown
  4. To adjust the exposure equal, touch the main area of ​​the photo on the Watch screen and you’re done.
  5. Finally, press the shutter button to take the photo.

Well, taking advantage of that idea of ​​previewing the image before taking the photo with your iPhone is how this support was born, which includes a hole where you can place your Apple watch. Thus, instead of resorting to the front camera of the terminal to take a selfie, you would use the rear cameras that have much higher quality and the Apple Watch as second screen to make sure you are perfectly framed.

What do you think? Weird, unnecessary, ridiculous, or a genius you need to have? If it is the second the price of this accessory is $ 29.95, although at the moment it marks a price of $ 19.95. And it is compatible only with 44mm watches.

Accessories that could only be for Apple products

As we said, this type of accessories are really only created for Apple devices and it is normal. First of all, because they tend to be much more profitable than those that can be done for other brands. A clear example is the covers, there is so much variety for apple phones that it is strange not to find the one that best suits your tastes and even budget.

In addition, it must also be borne in mind that design changes between different generations take time to happen. Therefore, a case for an iPhone 12 is very likely to remain valid for the future iPhone 13. And the same applies to other accessories.

Finally, the Apple user seems to be more inclined to spend on accessories. Even in proposals as particular as these. So although today we are surprised by this support to turn the Apple Watch into a secondary screen of the iPhone, surely another day something completely different will do it.


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