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This is how you will play xCloud on your iPhone or iPad

xCloud for iOS and iPadOS

Game services via streaming are currently the great absent from Apple’s mobile platforms. Neither Google Stadia, nor GeForce Now, nor Microsoft’s xCloud can be enjoyed on the iPhone or iPad, nor on the Apple TV. But luckily all this is going to change.

After the launch of Luna we already discussed it, that could be a great solution for this undeniable advance in the way we enjoy video games reaches Apple devices. Now it is Microsoft that, through several internal meetings between Phil Spencer (head of Microsoft’s games division) and company personnel, has confirmed this: xCloud will be available for Apple devices.

The way they will do it will be through a web browser. For this reason, they are already working on all the necessary changes that this new access route implies, which will be available in early 2021. Although waiting a few more months will be the least of the problems if finally an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV is you can enjoy the entire catalog of games available on Game Pass.

In addition, along with the benefit for the millions of users of iOS and iPadOS devices, there is also the one that Microsoft will generate itself by avoid the 30% commission required by Apple for every in-app purchase. And it is that when accessing through a web browser they have no obligation to distribute income. So, it is a significant amount that the company will earn for each subscription.

Apple shot in the foot

When problems are analyzed from the perspectives of each and every one of the parties involved, it is true that things are seen differently. So much so that even both may have more than legitimate reasons for positioning themselves differently.

However, on the issue of gaming services via streaming Apple’s position has always been somewhat ridiculous. Because taking care of the user experience is something that is highly valued, but forcing things like an independent app per game and that each one of these go through a review process, etc … did not make any sense.

Now, therefore, as much control as you wanted to have, without understanding that there was nothing really wrong and that your users have enough capacity to understand how a streaming game service works, the changes that can occur in the available game catalogs, etc. ., the company is going to run out of that succulent 30% commission.

So either they have something in mind or in the end the excess of control caused him to shoot himself in the foot. Because streaming gaming is here to stay and it will be a very important access option to video games in a matter of a few years. If it is not already starting to be for many players looking for mobility or not depending on a specific hardware.

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