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This is how we will play in Mario Kart Live, Nintendo’s scalextric

How does Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit work?

Children played Mario Kart AR

The idea of ​​this nice interactive game from Nintendo is that you can bring the world of Mario Kart directly to a room at home. With the help of small radio-controlled cars equipped with a webcam, we can control them remotely through the console to complete the circuits that we manufacture on our own.

The game will allow you to create a 4.5 square meter enclosure, and when creating the tracks, we will have to use the 4 doors that are included in the game. And it is that the players will have to pass those four doors to complete the circuit, being able to leave the track to reach one of them earlier. The game will not control the limits of the track, so if you want to avoid cheats, you will have to pull your imagination and put tough obstacles so that they stick to the layout of the circuit.

To link the kart with the Nintendo Switch (we will need a console per kart), we will have to point the car camera at a QR code that will appear on the game screen, and thus both devices will connect and we can remotely control the car.

Once you have the doors in place, we will have to complete the circuit once so that the system generates the track, and thus can place the interactive elements such as coins and enemies to beat.

Interaction like in the video game

Mario Kart AR Circuit

The fun thing about Mario Kart Live is that we will enjoy many elements of the video game in real life. Thus, for example, we will see how coins appear on the screen to try to capture them, and there will be gates that will activate the mirror mode, so the circuit will be seen upside down and we will have to drive thinking that the left is the right and vice versa.

Mario Kart AR Gameplay

There will be Grand Prix tournaments consisting of three races in which we will have to compete against Bowser Jr and the Koopalings on circuits that we have designed ourselves. And, in addition, there will be different environments, such as rain, snow, 8-bit effect and much more.

As in the video game, we will have to select between three different displacements to choose the level of difficulty, 200cc, 150cc, 100cc and 50cc, and depending on the speed chosen the kart will vary its autonomy, moving between 90 and 120 minutes of lifetime.

When can you buy it?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit can be reserved from now to receive it at home from October 16, so if you are thinking of riding your own Formula 1, go and get one of these packs before they are sold out.

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