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This is how Fortnite and Houseparty video chat works

Video calls come to Fornite

Fortnite players from now on will be able to enjoy a new way of chatting with their friends. If until now the usual thing was to do it through the text or voice options, Epic introduces the ability to video chat in Fortnite.

To achieve this you have to resort to Houseparty, an application that months ago had a great impact due to the entire issue of confinement suffered by millions of users around the world. But beware, that is not what you may be thinking. The interesting thing about it is that you will not have a second screen on another device but a Integrated view on the screen where you are playing to Fortnite.

Of course, for now you should bear in mind that it is an exclusive feature for Fortnite players on PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. If you are one of them and you are interested in knowing how to start using this new Fortnite Mode by Houseparty, we tell you everything you need to know.

How to make video calls in Fortnite with Houseparty

To start using the new Houseparty Fortnite Mode, the first thing to do is to know what the minimum requirements are to be eligible for it. The first thing, as we said, is that this is only available at the moment for players who do it in PC, PS4 and PS5. If you play Fortnite on other platforms, including mobile, you won’t be able to for now.

The second thing is that you will also need a iOS or Android device with Houseparty installed and with a user account created. This account in turn will have to be linked to the Epic Games account. Once you do, you will get a gift on Rainbow Fog Wrap, But don’t worry, if you don’t do it and you still want the gift, you can do it playing between November 20 and 26.

Now that you have your Epic account linked to Houseparty, the process is as simple as follows:

  1. Open the Houseparty app on your Android or iOS phone
  2. Then access the houseparty setup
  3. Within the settings, tap the tv icon and connect to Fortnite
  4. Join the group that your friends have created or ask them to create yours
  5. Ready, if Fortnite is also active on your computer or console they will already appear on the screen and you can have a video chat with them

As you can see, it is very easy to activate and start using this new Fortnite mode. Although before finishing some extra notes so that it is used safely, especially if it is by the little ones at home.

  • The first is that this mode is intended for use by children over 13 years old. If for some reason you do not want your children to use this option, you only have to go to the Fornite Parental Control settings and deactivate the option
  • The second is that if you do, Houseparty crop the user and apply a virtual background
  • The third applies to who can see you. To start with, only the users who are in your Houseparty room, but if any of them perform any public streaming on platforms such as Twitch or similar, you will be seen by other users. So the recommendation is that you be clear about what those people with whom you participate in the video chat will do
  • Finally, if by any chance you have problems with another user in these chats you can report it through Houseparty. The moment you block it, you will not have contact with it again. This is important to know in the case of joining public chat rooms and then playing in Fortnite

Ready, for the rest there is nothing more to tell and we do recognize that it is a curious and interesting integration in equal parts. Moreover, if it is successful and well received, who knows if Epic decides to launch its own solution and integrate the technologies of Hypersense, a recently acquired company that with applications such as Hyprmeet allows the user to have an avatar capable of reproducing their facial gestures. in the same way that it happens with Apple’s Memojis.


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