This game increased its sales after being able to download for free by torrent

This game increased its sales after being able to download for free by torrent

Free download Danger Gazers by torrent

Danger Gazers

Danger Gazers It is an attractive roguelite game that puts us in a post apocalyptic environment with cartoon aesthetics. In the presentation video it seems quite fun, and in addition the player will have the opportunity to choose his own route in history with which to define his own destiny. Everything looks great, however, the problem lies in an industry in which there are a thousand options available in the market, where many users are not willing to pay 10 euros for a game they have never heard of. The solution? Give the game away.

That is just what its creator, since without thinking too much and with the intention of offering the opportunity for many to try their game, he decided to share it completely in The Pirate Bay. The torrent It included a description that read the following:

Hello! I'm ShotX, the developer of Danger Gazers.

The torrent has been officially launched by ShotX.

This is the latest DRM-free version of Danger Gazers (1.1.0), there is no trap, no Steam-exclusive features, just the complete and functional game.

As a developer, my only request could be to consider support and buy in case you like Danger Gazers and want more indie games in the future.

Enjoy and have fun!

In TorrentFreak They have managed to contact the developer and he has commented that the idea has had a tremendous reception. He explains that his childhood was marked by piracy and that, for him, hacking software was the most normal thing in the world, since he had no other way of accessing it. Now, from the other side of the shore, the perspective is different, but does not forget its origins, hence it has decided to offer its creation to all those who cannot afford it.

Contrary to what one might think, this guy says he didn't hide any kind of marketing strategy or anything like that, and he simply wanted to share his game so that many could test his creation. According to him, revenues have increased (although yes, in TPB we only see 24 seeds available), and there are even people who have donated twice what the game costs (8.19 euros in Steam). Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the action has been worthwhile.


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