Autopilot in the Fortnite helicopter

Fortnite helicopter

The problem with the Choppa is that once you drive it, you will have to complete your route to get off and drive it again. It is possible to change seats or jump in mid-flight, but that implies that there will be no one at the controls, so the helicopter will begin to descend until it reaches the ground.

But as always happens in these cases, there is someone who has been wasting time for you, and has come up with a formula that will allow us to continue flying the aircraft while we dedicate ourselves to shooting from it, without fear of falling precipitously onto the ground.

A proximity mine for autopilot

Fortnite helicopter

The secret is in the proximity mines. You only have to place one on top of the helicopter, get on it to start flying and immediately change your seat, otherwise the mine will explode. Doing so you will see that the helicopter will continue to maintain its trajectory, descending little by little, but allowing you to continue forward instead of descending immediately.

This will be useful to gain some other casualties from the air, although you must be careful, since the Choppa will continue with the defined trajectory, taking you to the end of the map and directly entering the storm if you are close to it. Even so, this trick is only useful if the helicopter is in an elevated location, since if you take off from a low area without elevation, all you will get is to crash against the trees or the closest structure.

Of course, even in those cases it could also be useful to attack your opponents, since as they explain in the video, if you put some C4 In the helicopter while having a proximity mine on the roof, we will turn the Choppa into a walking bomb that will go directly towards our target. It is a process that requires coordination, but the results are quite devastating, especially if you want to destroy a fortification.