Boobie Billie, the most famous dog on Instagram

A fairly common type of account on social networks is the one featuring animals. Many people decide to create profiles on Instagram, for example, their pets, seeking in this way to get visibility and likes by showing the dog or cat on duty. It is not a bad idea. In general, people are usually very receptive to these types of accounts, very careful and in which we sometimes see these furry companions in human poses or poses.

Just that is what we found on the Instagram of Boobie billie. This friendly Chiguagua-type dog usually appears in your feed with the latest in fashion, without neglecting your shoes or bag. We have also been able to see him in a towel after a (supposed) placid bath and even giving himself a relaxing facial with Jade stone.

Boobie billie

A dog in the purest influencer style, well, that currently has 255 thousand followers and counting. Such is the repercussion it is having (you just have to look at the amount of comments it accumulates in its photos – many instagramers would like it -) that it is not surprising that the dog is already involved in business and sponsorships as the last one announced: her own collection of scarves and bags … for humans, of course.

Her own clothing line: Boobie

A post on Instagram was responsible for announcing the news yesterday: now Boobie Billie has her own clothing line, available under the Boobie brand. Made of handkerchiefs (to wear around the neck, as the dog himself often shows) and tiny size handbags, the idea is to join a growing trend (both are on the rise in the fashion world) and become the next favorite clothing accessories of the most popular people. in.

Its “representative” and creator of all this speaks on behalf of Boobie indicating that like many influencers launch merchandising, this is their own brand. In addition, putting the face of our protagonist on a shirt in the future is not ruled out, although for now it is about doing “something more than that”: “It is a serious fashion brand, without a serious attitude, of course.”

At the moment there is four models of scarves and four of bags with prices ranging between $ 80 and $ 270, respectively, which is said soon. Nothing cheap. They are all available in the official store that has been created for the occasion in case you want to take a look.

Tell us, do you dare to buy an item of clothing advertised by Boobie?