Xbox and PlayStation are the consoles that battle on the front line when it comes to consoles. Microsoft does not have a PlayStation background, however, Microsoft has a line of loyal and quality followers.

Microsoft’s next move could finally be a stab in the back of PlayStation. This is because rumors indicate that Microsoft may even allow online multiplayer without any kind of payment.

Xbox can make online games free

Xbox Live Gold is going away and playing online multiplayer will be free. They will not force you into Ultimate to play online.

– grubbsnax is back (@JeffGrubb) July 31, 2020

Who mentioned it was user Jeff Grubb on Twitter. Known leaker that is part of the VentureBeat website. Place that has been found correct many times with leaks and rumors launched by you.

According to Jeff, “Xbox Live Gold will disappear and online multiplayer will be free.” Although it is not known when this will happen (or will happen) this would be a masterstroke to attract new customers.

As much as I enjoy playing PlayStation, I’m not an avid gamer. That is, it does not justify me to buy a pass to play online once a month.

Xbox PlayStation

However, if I had the possibility to play online for free, certainly my trips to the console were more frequent. If Microsoft advances with this type of strategy, I see many casual players (like me) changing without thinking twice.

This measure would also increase competition in the sector significantly. Although, for now, the battle may be between these two companies, online services are growing more and more.

An example of this is the Google Stadia service. A “console” that is stream based and subscription based. Something that I believe may be the future.

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