The Apple Glasses rumors are not new. Everything indicates, even because we have already had patents indicating that Apple is working on the technology, will present some Augmented Reality glasses.

We still have no concrete idea of ​​what the glasses will look like, however, in the past, Tim Cook said that the technology will pass to our “eyes” and that the glasses cannot be very different from the glasses we have at the moment.

Apple Glasses concept leaves us dreaming

It is worth noting that this video is just a concept. That is, it is not a leak of information from Apple. However, they are Augmented Reality glasses that interact with the world around us.

As soon as the user sets his eyes he sees a number of options that are not in “real life”. This is the idea of ​​Augmented Reality.

Apple Smart Glasses

In fact, Microsoft with HoloLens do this. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to imagine something like this. The most difficult thing will be to incorporate all this technology in such a small gadget.

But, as I mentioned, when putting on the glasses the user is dazzled by a new reality. A reality where you can have a television giving Netflix anywhere in the house without actually having that television.

The first setup will be the most painful. That is, you will have to define in the glasses that whenever they are facing a certain place they will show the functionality that you defined there.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are many and the most appealing will be on the street. Imagine strolling on the street and seeing map information directly on the street instead of on your smartphone. Google Maps already does this with Augmented Reality on the smartphone. In other words, we just need to pass all the technology on to glasses and the world is about to have a digital revolution.

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