Home Automobiles This company turns a diesel car into an electric car for 8,500 €

This company turns a diesel car into an electric car for 8,500 €

This company turns a diesel car into an electric car for 8,500 €

The French company Transition-One aims to bring an electric car to all diesel cars for only € 8,500. The company is still awaiting business authorization from the European Union and the French government, but it seems that everything is set to begin as early as 2020.

Buying an electric car may be the best option for many people, however, not everyone has an exorbitant amount to pay for a car with low autonomy and, for the most part, considerably lower than cars with the same fuel price. fossil.

An electric car for those who don't want to spend more than 20 thousand euros

I'm one of those people. As much as I like little Zoe's ideology, I can't think of spending 20,000 euros on a "bare" tram instead of a car for the same price with fossil fuel. As much as I love the environment, I also seriously like my wallet.

Incidentally, the founder of Transition-One mentioned this in an interview with Bloomberg "This is for people who can't buy a new 20,000 euro electric car"So the goal, according to the founder goes through" ttransform the best selling models in Europe into electric cars"

The first prototype was a 2009 Renaul Twingo

Electric twingo

The first car to be remodeled was a 2009 Renaul Twingo. The company removed the fuel from the car and introduced batteries from one of the Tesla parts dealers. The car had a range of 180 kilometers.

However, the outlook is not as advantageous as this little Twingo. On their official website, they say that it will be possible to convert cars to an average range of 100 kilometers and a top speed of 110km / h.

The first cars to receive this transformation will be:

  • Renault Twingo II,
  • Fiat 500,
  • Citroen C1,
  • Peugeot 107,
  • Toyota Aygo,
  • Volkswagen Polo.

These are the first cars on the list for changes. The process is simple and according to the same interview, it only takes a day to turn a diesel fuel car into a fully electric one.

These costs are € 8,500. Unfortunately we do not think UK can help with this investment. This is because the government's investment in this type of electric transport is considerably lower than other countries in Europe.

We also do not know to what extent UK's cars can legally undergo these changes. That is why we are waiting for the European Union to confirm that everything goes forward.

The beginning of something is the most important

But most importantly, this is the beginning of something. I fully believe that soon more companies like these will exist. Since a gasoline gas car can be transformed right now, I fully believe that the next transformation is electric.

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