This backpack is super technological and you really want to have

This backpack is super technological and you really want to have

If you are looking for a backpack that combines style and technology this may be the best proposal you will find in the near future. This backpack is called Agazzi and has a range of features that make it unique.

One of the main features of this backpack is the presence of a fingerprint reader to gain access to its interior. The handle that will keep your belongings safe is stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about some miscreant cutting it.

Agazzi Backpack

Inside you will find over 15 pockets, spread over two compartments. This way you will have all your belongings organized in the backpack so that everything is always accessible when you need something.

The Agazzi backpack is something any tech lover will want to have

For even easier access to your belongings, the Agazzi backpack comes with an interior flashlight. Thus, the lack of natural light will not be a reason for not knowing where your things are. But also outside you will have a nightlight so that you can be seen at night.

The worry of running out of autonomy on your devices will also be addressed with this backpack. To do so, it comes with a small powerbank inside that will give you that extra you may need on a given occasion.

As if that were not enough, this is an elegant and ergonomic backpack. It will be aesthetically perfect for any type of clothing and will keep all your belongings intact thanks to a material that will always maintain its structure.

This fantastic backpack can be found on the Kickstarter platform, where you have already seen your funding goal achieved. Therefore, it is mentioned that it will go on sale in September this year.

Agazzi will be available in a total of four versions, depending on the extras you want. Their values ​​start at $ 168 and go up to $ 246.

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