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We have already been able to see the Xbox Series X in smaller cloths

First images of the Xbox Series X Directly from the NeoGAF forums and thanks to the CurryPanda user we get the latest leak related to...

Realme does “All in” on 5G and promises five 5G smartphones in 2020!

During the presentation of the Realme X50 Pro, which took place yesterday in Spain, the manufacturer...

Can you take screenshots on Instagram without the other person knowing?

Can you take screenshots on Instagram without the other person knowing?

"Huawei Mate 10 Lite" is official, but under a different name!

We have talked a lot about Huawei Mate 10 Lite in recent weeks. The smartphone was...

This artificial intelligence can end privacy as we know it. You see

An Australian programmer named Hoan Ton-That created an app that allowed people to put Donald Trump’s hair in their photos. The Australian subsequently raised the bar and created a facial recognition app, sending it to various authorities like police departments in Florida and the FBI.

The app, which belongs to your small company Clearview AI, allows you to take a photo of a person and compare it with a gigantic database, showing all the other photos that match the facial features of the original.


The truth is that according to the New York Times, the app has already helped authorities to solve several cases of property, identity, financial fraud and even child abuse theft.

Even so, the ethical question still remains: to what extent should the authorities have this type of tools? It is the same debate with Apple and the FBI, which continues to insist that Apple should create a “passkey” to unlock iPhones from criminals.

We are at a time when privacy is something we have to forget when we access the internet. However, this does not mean that it can be invaded by any individual. The growth of Deepfakes and the creation of fake content is one of the risks of A.A.

Sundar Pichai wants regulation in artificial intelligence

Google CEO Sundar Pichai published a document in the Financial Times to warn about the negative effects of artificial intelligence on society. Pichai says that companies must be careful in developing such technologies.

Sundar Pichai adds that the A.A. they cannot be regulated by companies, due to their financial interests. The CEO says it is up to governments to create regulations so that the A.A. are not used for more harmful purposes, or at least that such use is not encouraged.

European Union also wants to regulate the development of A.I.

It has recently been reported that the European Union wants to create a plan to make sure that artificial intelligence technologies are applied ethically. This plan may limit access to artificial intelligence by public or private companies.

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Warzone will have a new map and is delayed until December 16

A delayed launch The first season of Black ops cold war It should land on December 10, however, a last change will make the action...

Google Stadia offers 2 irresistible discounts and a free game until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out!

Google Stadia is becoming an increasingly popular platform, being one of the most sought after cloud...

Fortnite: 8 year old hired for $ 33,000 by eSports team

Joseph Deen, an 8-year-old American child, was hired to play Fortnite at a professional level by...

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors Images Youtube Videos

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