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This application uses deepfake to get your face on the most popular GIFs!

Doublicat is the name of the app you’ll want to install on your Android or iOS smartphone. The application is free and turns the known GIFs in your face.

In short, the application uses deepFake to change the face of known GIFs for your face. You just have to take a picture of your face and apply it to any GIF you think fits the conversation.

The application is free, very interesting but a bit limited

As you might imagine, it is not simple to create such a technology. Especially because all the GIFs present in the application are detailed so you can make this swap of faces quickly and simply.

Therefore, you will not have all the existing GIFs in the world. You won’t even be able to search for GIFs to fit your conversation perfectly. You have a few categories that you can select from and you can start there.

After you create the GIF with your face you just have to store it in the phone memory. Whether in video or GIF format. I advise you to record in GIF so that when posting to a social network or messaging application you act as such.

In-app advertising is not intrusive

When you have an app that wants to see your face, you wonder how creators make money. So looking at how the application is designed, it looks like it’s advertising based.

However, you have no reason to be upset. You will only receive advertising when the app is creating DeepFake. That is, instead of “loading,” you get a small pop-up of nuisance advertising.

You can download the app from the App stores.

So if you like what you saw here, you can download the app for Android or iOS in stores. You just have to go to the links behind or search for Doublicat within the Play Store or Apple App Store.

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