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This Apple Watch strap adds something many want

The bracelet with integrated cameras for the Apple Watch

The Wristcam is a new accessory for the Apple Watch, a bracelet that might not be striking if it weren’t for the fact that it integrates two cameras. Thanks to this, users of the Apple smart watch would gain options that some have been dreaming of for a long time, especially to be able to disconnect more from functions that until now would depend on the iPhone.

These two cameras built into this strap offer two different sensors and positions depending on what type of use you want to do with them. For example, of the two there is one that we could consider as the main one and that offers a 8 megapixel resolution. This would have an orientation that would allow capturing images from the front without having to do strange postures with the arm and wrist at a resolution of 1080p in case of video and 4K for photos.

The second chamber, that of 2 megapixels resolution would be aimed at a more personal use and would allow you to take photos of yourself or even video calls. As if it were the front camera or selfie of a smartphone, that camera would be intended for those use cases that would make much more sense than being able to take photos or record videos of what you find during your day to day life.

What’s more, seeing how the design of the product is, the truth is that it would have made much more sense if they had been touched in that exclusive use and integrate a single sensor instead of two. Because the great drawback of this accessory is that it adds a thickness to the watch itself that, despite being like a spy watch, the truth is that it is not very discreet.

For the rest, beyond being attractive for a simple physical reason, this accessory strap for Apple Watch offers a 8GB memory capacity for everything related to storing photos and videos, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth low consumption connectivity that would allow you to connect to the watch and the iPhone.

What is interesting is that, like the Xiaomi Mi Band, it is an accessory that allows you to exchange the straps in case you want to alternate between the different colors that exist (black, white, gray, pink and sage).

And one last detail for those most jealous of their privacy, if you come across a user who is using it and you fear that they may be capturing a photo or video, this bracelet includes some LEDs that light up when in operation. Although it is also true that if you want to record there are many other options to do so, so everything will depend on the respect you have for the privacy of others.

The Wristcam or the Apple Watch SE

The Wristcam watch band for Apple Watch is an accessory that is not especially cheap, its price is $ 299. That is, practically what an Apple Watch. So, unless you are very interested in a particular reason, if you have to decide between that and, for example, an Apple Watch SE, the decision seems clear, right?

Anyway, if for any reason you are one of those who wants to turn your Apple Watch into a spy watch, you should know that the first units will be shipped from March 2021.


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