In the flower of life

Grandma YouTuber

Considering the video game culture that exists in Japan (it was the main theme of the next Olympic games), it probably shouldn’t be too surprising to find someone old playing video games, however, the situation is beyond us, since we are speaking of a 90-year-old person who is capable of playing with a skill that many others would already like.

As we can see on his YouTube channel, it seems that he especially likes shooters, where he demonstrates a perfect ability to operate the camera with the help of joysticks. Her incredible experience accumulated after 39 years of games has allowed her to enjoy games and platforms of all kinds, and since she played a game console as a child, she has not been separated from one since then.

5 years of YouTube experience

Grandmother YouTuber Gamer

Unfortunately not all his gamer life is documented, since if we access his YouYube channel (which has 283,000 subscribers) we can see how his first video was uploaded 5 years ago. At that time I was playing Skyrim, but years ago he had accumulated hours and hours of games to as many consoles as he was years old.

His first console was a Epoch Cassete Vision, and you are lucky to save each and every one of the consoles that you could enjoy, including also the games. According to our protagonist, video games “have rejuvenated her spirit”, and although she now plays quite a few action games, she used to avoid them before due to their difficulty.

However, attracted by the graphics and narrative that allowed her to almost enjoy a movie, she was encouraged to play these types of games, and is now a lover of GTA V, a game in which you spend good times at the wheel of your particular collection of vehicles.

And came the Guinness record

Grandmother gamer record

Seeing his incredible career, the organization of World Records Guinness He has wanted to award Hamako with the title of oldest YouTube gamer in the world. As she explains in a video, the Guinness agents came to visit her to record some shots, check her skills and award her the prize. This little visual exam made him a little nervous in the tests, but it didn’t stop him from taking his well-deserved prize.