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They manage to install RetroArch on the new Xbox Series X and S

RetroArch on the new Xbox Series

Without a doubt, one of the star issues in the world of software is emulation. Much more now than any current device, it offers practically enough power to enjoy the games that old entertainment systems offered.

Among the current ones, the new consoles are the ones that attract the most attention in order to be used as devices to emulate old video game systems. The problem is that due to legal issues and the odd one, it is not something that the companies that manufacture them are interested in. That is why they overlay their systems, to prevent disallowed applications from being installed.

However, you always end up finding a way to bypass such protection measures to install those apps that interest you. Of course, at your own risk in each and every one of the senses. Although just as few expected that the new Xbox Series X and Series S would be something so fast.

Tunip3, a developer, found the way to bypass Microsoft and your Xbox store restrictions to distribute a version of RetroArch for the new Series X and Series S. And we are not referring to an emulator camouflaged within another app as has happened on occasion. Here, clearly and directly, it is an emulator that is installed taking advantage of a “flaw” in the way these apps are distributed.

That failure in question is none other than the same one that some users usually use to install certain apps on iOS and iPadOS devices. That is, use the tools or developer mode. So, no need for a review by Microsoft, Tunip3 managed that 1,500 users at the moment could install this emulator on their consoles.

All they had to do was create a Microsoft developer account, then make a request to Tunip3, and when it accepted it and whitelisted the email, the package was received for installation.

Ready, from that moment the user was already prepared to install this emulator and its different cores that allow playing old consoles such as Nintendo, Sega and even some Sony, Microsoft itself and arcade machines. Below you have a video where it is seen in operation and performance.

Beware of Microsoft

Ok, now that you know the chance to have RetroArch on one of the new consoles you will think, how do I do it? Before launching into it, you should know that although on other occasions the company has not taken more measures than the suspension of said developer accounts, at this time it is not known how it could act.

So, if it is not something that really catches your attention, better leave all these emulators for other devices such as a Raspberry Pi, Android devices or a PC. You will avoid possible problems and also create developer accounts, make requests, etc.


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