They discover what could be the first clue of GTA 6, reality or despair?

They discover what could be the first clue of GTA 6, reality or despair?

The first clue about GTA VI?

GTA V Realistic Mod

In recent days Rockstar is focused on promoting its next major expansion of GTA Online. With the name of Golpe a Cayo Perico, the online mode of GTA V will introduce a large island in which we will have to destroy the domains of a drug dealer. Everything indicates that it will be a very entertaining new adventure, and while we wait for its launch on December 15, Rockstar continues to release teasers to cheer on the staff.

And in the meantime, the company launched a mysterious tweet in which to simulate a spy connection as an information dossier, which shows some locations on the island in order to detect possible vulnerable areas. Everything would remain in a small advertising video of Cayo Perico, however, many users have noticed a detail that has diverted attention elsewhere.

Some special coordinates

Grand Theft Auto VI

In a fragment of the video we can see how the informant’s dossier reports some coordinates that would refer to the place on the island, but as some are not content with simply enjoying the video, they decided to really check where those coordinates were pointing on the map, and they came across the following:

As you can see, the coordinates take us to the George Washington and Jefferson National Park, exactly on a curvy road that is quite striking due to its shapes. And is that some have decided to see in those curves the Roman numerals V and I, which would translate into a clear reference to the sixth edition of GTA.

Is it completely casual or intentional? Taking into account that the coordinates take us to a specific location in the United States, it would be a lot of coincidence that the image shown is that of a road with the shape of VI. There is no doubt that this is something intentionally placed by the people of Rockstar, however, what should be understood is if they have done it to laugh at the fans of Easter egg hunters or if on the contrary they want to tell us something.

At the moment it is the only thing we can understand from this message, so we will have to keep waiting until the company decides to comment on it. Something that we very much fear will not happen soon.


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