They catch a Call of Duty cheater and get banned from Twitch

They catch a Call of Duty cheater and get banned from Twitch

Banned from Twitch for cheater

Call of Duty Warzone Snipers

We have already commented on many occasions that cheaters abound in Call of duty, specially in Warzone, so if you want to play cool and avoid cheats in Warzone, you have to do it. The problem is that, if you play on PC, it is inevitable that you will meet people like MrGolds, a Twitch streamer who claimed to be terrific at point and shoot.

Caught live and without escape

Convinced that no one was going to be able to catch him with the trap, MrGolds he boasted of his perfect aim on his latest live broadcast. Shouting “What's up guys? Have you never seen anyone play like me? Really? ”He tried to show off his supposed ability, but after a few seconds he realized what would end his Twitch career forever.

Unfortunately for him, the live stream was showing his entire desktop and not just the Warzone window, so viewers could now see the Task Manager window and the EngineOwning, a software used for autoaim and other auto-pointing techniques. The face that remained was a poem.

Aware of this, viewers did not hesitate to denounce the events in public, so the chat began to burn in a matter of seconds calling for the imminent closure of the channel.

And that is just what has happened, since MrGolds has run out of Twitch channel after numerous complaints received by all users. A true demonstration of public justice that has ended with a happy ending for those who truly love games.

EngineOwning, the cancer of shooters

Call of Duty Summer Games

This software is the one in charge that you can get it right, you point where you point, it is EngineOwning. This program ensures that it is completely undetectable, and works with the main first person shooter games, such as Call of duty and Battlefield. The software is responsible for showing on the screen where there are hidden enemies and, its most demanded function, that of shooting directly at the head just by clicking on the mouse.

The undetectable thing is completely true, at least for the monitoring systems of the game servers, so the only solution is to have someone reviewing games at all times. It is the problem of controlling these cheaters, since it takes a lot of human work to be able to control everything.

As you can see in the video above, the software detects all the players on the map, and indicates with colors if they are behind a wall (red) or if you have them within range (green). This indicative, added to the possibility of pointing to the head, make playing a simple mouse click that breaks with the dynamics of the game, making life impossible for those who do not have the software installed.


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