They ban a user who entered the Battle Royale of Call of Duty unintentionally

They ban a user who entered the Battle Royale of Call of Duty unintentionally

Banned for doing nothing

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

What would you have done if they had given you access to the expected Battle Royale mode? Obviously play it and tell the experience to your friends, right? Well that’s more or less what good Carter did, who began to hallucinate when he saw that he was in the lobby of more than leaked Warzone mode.

On the starting screen, he could see that the first step before entering the battle was to complete the obligatory training. This is a small tutorial in which to know the basics of the game mode, and learn how to handle the loot and use the control of supplies, something that we could already see in the previous video leaked on YouTube (and already deleted).

In addition, the menu of the game will allow you to choose between individual games, in pairs or by trios, allowing you to fill the group with other players in case you do not have enough friends to do so.

It was unintentionally wanting

COD season 2

Carter’s problem is that he shared all these details (including screenshots and a video of the menus) with The Gaming Revolution, a youtuber who has been sharing numerous leaks of the Battle Royale of Call of Duty, something that has not done special thanks to Activision.

For this reason, Activision has decided to take action on the matter, and has dedicated itself to knocking down all information related to its best kept secret (well, secretly it has rather little). For this, it has deleted YouTube video, canceled Twitter accounts and banned users, as is the case with Dean Carter.

Back to normal

The good Dean was surprised to see how he could not enter the Activision servers from the game to play multiplayer games, since the company had completely banned him. Strangely, he quickly fell into reason, and he had shared Warzone’s details on Twitter.

Luckily everything has been left in a misunderstanding, since Activision has recovered his account and can play again. Of course, the user TheGamingRevoYT has the Twitter account suspended at this time, so we are going to run out of leaks until further notice, and in recent days it had become a source of information related to the battle royale .


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