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They are already recording ‘Matrix 4’ and we have the first images with Neo and Trinity

Matrix: a long awaited return

One of the news of 2019 at the film level was undoubtedly the return of Matrix. The mythical futuristic saga will return to the big screen with a new film, the usual actors and the same direction, thus transporting us back to that dystopian world in which nothing is what it seems and the machines are the ones in charge.

The premiere of Matrix in 1999 It was a real revolution. The idea that we lived in a fictional and programmed world called Matrix and that the reality was different captivated millions of people, so that those responsible did not hesitate to extend the story with a second installment (which almost doubled the collection of the first ) and a third part that closed a plot that we always believed asleep forever.

Trinity and the Bullet time effect in Matrix

Nothing is further from reality. Warner Bros Pictures announced in the middle of last year that history was returning to our lives with a Matrix 4 that he was also going to have his two protagonists: Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss (again in the roles of Neo and Trinity) and with one of the directors of the saga, Lana Wachowski.

The producer also confirmed the shooting date for 2020 and indeed it has been, so that it is already possible to find Reeves and Moss in the streets of San Francisco shooting some scenes from which we now bring you a first preview.

First shooting scenes of Matrix 4

Videos are being uploaded in the forums Reddit and on YouTube tirelessly. It turns out that these days the entire team is in the Californian city of San Francisco shooting some of the outdoor scenes. None of them helps us to know something about the plot, which remains a mystery, but it does show us that the plans will be very familiar and full of action.

In the first of the videos it is possible to see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss on a motorcycle with his usual black clothes. The vehicle is in turn coupled to a large structure prepared for frontal recordings in these types of situations. You can also see Lana (she is the orange-haired woman who is standing), of course, in this structure, watching the recording. You can see it by clicking on this link.

Matrix 4 - filming

In the following scene, we see a more shocking moment: Keanu Reeves (or so they say, because it is difficult to ensure 100%, although it should be noted that the actor is reputed to make many of his action scenes without needing a double) jumping next to someone from the top of a building:

Finally we have this other recording in which the actor is seen first at different times, between scene and scene, and then in the skin of Neo rolling with street clothes in a corner of the city and looking up:

As you can see the brief recordings that circulate on the internet do not allow us to know absolutely nothing about history. If we remember the end of the saga, Neo sacrificed for humanity, so one of the biggest unknowns that exist right now is why he is alive in Matrix 4. And we fear that we will still find out …

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