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These wallpapers are perfect for the hole in the screen of the Galaxy S10!

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is no longer a secret. However, the original wallpapers released with the smartphone obviously try to hide the holes in the screen.

Twitter user Matt B has published several swatches of wallpapers that are at least brilliant. These images make brutal use of the holes in the screen.

Some people still call it notch or hole punch because they look like the holes in a paper punch. In any case, some people refer to this design as visually intrusive in a way.

Wallpapers fuse holes with robot images perfectly

Firstly, we have to congratulate Matt B for the creativity. The truth is that the front sensors resemble even the "eyes" of a robot. In this case famous robots from popular culture were used.

The mythical Bender of the Futurama series blends perfectly with the sensors. We still have NASA's space robot and the legendary R2 D2 looking you in the eye. In this case, we took advantage of the unique sensor of the Galaxy S10.

Therefore, this type of wallpapers would not have been badly thought of as an advertising campaign. Of course that would entail copyright costs for Samsung.

However, this would have been a great way to "break the ice" over the holes in the screen instead of trying to cover them with darkened wallpapers.

These images for now are only available on Twitter by Matt B. The truth is that few people own any Galaxy S10. In any case, as the equipment becomes established in the market, I am sure that full wallpapers will be released.

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