These are World of Warcraft’s birthday gifts

These are World of Warcraft's birthday gifts

16 years and various gifts for you

World of Warcraft was released on November 23, 2004, which means that Blizzard’s title turns 16 this year. An important number not only for the company, but also for the video game industry in general because it is not easy to stay active for so many years and with this level of popularity, although here Blizzard has a certain advantage thanks to its large community.

And it is that, oddly enough, one of the WoW Greatest Hits It is due to its large and active community of players. Without a doubt, one of the most important. Hence, it remains a widely played title today.

Of course, here we must not detract from Blizzard, at the time they made a great game and since then they have not stopped feeding it through new expansions and events like this that are free and with which they reward their players.

The one to be celebrated on the occasion of his 16th birthday will allow access to different objects and missions. In a matter of objects you will have 200 Time Badges just for logging in. From there, you can also upload experience as a player much faster. Although it will not be the only thing.

Depending on the level you are at right now, you will have the possibility to play a new mission set in Orgrimmar or Stormwind (Stormwind) and two others where you will have to defeat old acquaintances such as Lord Kazzak, Azuregos and one of the four Nightmare Dragons. In all these you can continue to obtain new weather currencies as well as other loot.

Finally, you can also travel to the Vale of Alterac and get two new mounts called Stormpike Battle Ram and Frostwolf Snarler. The first will be for the Alliance and the second for the horde. Not forgetting that there will be historians who trivially ask you questions to reward you when you get them right with more experience.

When all these days are over Blizzard will celebrate with a special event at Carvernas del tiempo his new WoW birthday and he’ll get us ready for Shadowlands.

How to get World of Warcraft birthday gifts

The new expansion for Word of Warcraft, Shadowlands, the next day will finally arrive definitively November 23. So this birthday celebration is a great opportunity to gain that extra experience that can then come in handy, equip you and ultimately find more ground with the game if you are thinking of returning.

Regarding Shadowlands, the new WoW expansion, there is little to say. The most remarkable thing is that it has become the expansion with better acceptance than any other. The confinement and the more time we spend at home may have something to do with it. Even if it is for one thing or another, the important thing is that as WoW fans, here you have new content for you to continue defending The Alliance or feeding The Horde.


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