These are the strangest gadgets and gadgets DOOM can be played on

These are the strangest gadgets and gadgets DOOM can be played on

DOOM in things, a very special hobby

In addition to being the most iconic shooter of the golden age of video games and considered the father of modern FPS, DOOM has also become a hobby that the most enthusiasts hang out with. The reason is none other than the possibility of being able to install the game on a thousand and one platforms, since thanks to the imagination and work of many developers, in addition to playing on the PC or any type of console, the mythical id title Software has crept into devices you never would have imagined.

DOOM on a photo camera

DOOM Sony A6000

An extremely striking example is that of this Sony A6000. Sony’s mirrorless camera allows the installation of a custom firmware with which to be able to opt for many more extra functions in the camera, and that is precisely what has allowed this user to install a version of DOOM for Android that he can run on his Photo camera.

Finally got doom working on my mirrorless camera (Sony A6000) from itrunsdoom

A hellish pregnancy test

One of the most talked about feats in recent months is this digital pregnancy test modified specifically for DOOM to run. Having a small processor and a tiny monochrome LCD screen has been enough for someone to be able to run DOOM without problems.

Playing from an iPod

Another of the best known modifications was the iPod. Apple’s music player was able to run DOOM in an extraordinary way by installing the necessary files for it. In the case of the iPod mini, the image was grayscale, but with the advent of the iPod with a color screen, DOOM looked better than ever.

Inside the world of Minecraft

One of the wonders of Minecraft is that you can create an amazing world with total freedom, and unsurprisingly, this also included the possibility of playing DOOM in it. This is what this user did, who decided to use the Virtual Box plug-in for Minecraft and run his favorite game on it.

Playing exercising

The Treadmill at my school runs Doom! from itrunsdoom

This is possibly one of the weirdest installations we’ve seen since who came up with the idea to install DOOM on a fitness treadmill?

Pure math

But if there is a modification remembered by many, it is that of the calculator. The powerful Texas Instruments calculators have enabled the game to be run in a thousand ways, so don’t be surprised if one day you run into one that does.

DOOM in the Thermomix

Made a Thermomix clone run Doom with a friend from itrunsdoom

Thanks to the incorporation of a large touch screen and its internal processor, DOOM could also be installed in a Monsieur Cuisine kitchen robot from SilverCrest, a clone of the Thermomix TM6 that, as you can see, performs quite well in the first level.

DOOM inside DOOM

The perfect paradox. DOOM within DOOM was made possible by DOOM Eternal. The latest installment from Bethesda included the ability to play the original DOOM as long as the player entered the secret codes that unlocked the files.


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