These are the realme offers that you cannot miss for Black Friday

These are the realme offers that you cannot miss for Black Friday

The phones with the best video deals

Three phones, three price ranges

And we are going to start with the simplest phone of all and that remains with a cheaper price in case you are looking to not spend a lot: the realme 6. You have to have several things clear about this smartphone: that it has a 6.5-inch screen at 90 Hz, that it mounts four cameras, one of them being 64 MP and that it enjoys fast charging of 30 watts, among other niceties. Very top performance for a team in its version of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal storage stays in the 169 euros (30 euros less than its usual cost).

It is available in several retailers, including Amazon – which we leave you below so you can go straight and without detours.

We jump from realme 6 to realme X3 Super Zoom, and with that we also do it at an even greater discount. This smartphone raises the bar to 120 Hz on-screen refreshment, comes with a Snapdragon 855+ processor and also has four cameras, with an artificial intelligence system, a 64 MP main sensor and, as its name suggests, a periscope zoom lens. that goes up to 60x magnification – you can see it in action in the video.

If you give importance to these aspects, you have to know that the version of 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB stays in 319 euros, which represents a drop of 130 euros compared to its usual sale price. You will only find it with this offer on Amazon.

And if what you have booked for a long time is the X50 Pro, you probably won’t find a better time to buy it as cheap as this. The smartphone comes with a 90 Hz Super AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 865 with 5G, four rear cameras, double front camera for selfies, internal cooling and 65-watt fast charging. Come on, it does not lack anything. Yes, it is true that its price is higher than that of our other proposals, but it is also with the phone that you save the most money during Black Friday since its version of 12 GB and 256 GB storage stays in 499 euros, or what is the same, 250 euros less than its official price.

You can find it in several official distributors, including Amazon -look at the garnet color that we leave you in the link because it is beautiful and it earns much more live than in photo.

realme 7 5G, the newcomer

We have told you about three phones that we love within the realme catalog with three very different price ranges, but you are probably wondering if the realme 7 5G, which just came out just a few days ago, is also going to receive some kind of discount. And yes, it will also have a sale on this Black Friday 2020. As you already know -at the time we will talk about it-, this phone has a 6.5-inch screen at 120 Hz, 5G support, so fashionable now in the smartphones; camera with four sensors, fast charging of 30 watts and a battery that holds everything with a capacity, beware, of 5,000 mAh.

It is possibly the most interesting option right now if we look for a balance between benefits and price, since although its official price is 279 euros, now for Black Friday you will be able to get it with 6 RAM and 128 GB internal by 229 euros. Like the X3 Super Zoom you will only be able to hunt it on Amazon at the indicated price. Do not let it escape.

And so far our review of the realme phones on sale that we find most interesting for this Black Friday. All phones have the discounts already operational and will last that way until November 30 (next Monday). Tell us, have you already chosen yours?


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