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These are the photographic offers that you should know

The best photographic offers

There are many types of cameras and many related offers, but if you are looking for a quality option at a really attractive price, these are our proposals for you to take advantage of Black Friday. Cameras and some other accessories that we know well and we know how far they are capable of going when it comes to taking photos, recording video to start a YouTube channel or any other project that comes to mind, even direct through Twitch, etc.

So, without falling into an endless list of proposals, these are the cameras that we recommend to start with what you propose and is related to the image. And by the way then we will also discuss some objectives that could interest you along with other accessories that are also interesting for your creations.

Canon EBoxS M50

If you are starting, but you want to do it with a minimum of guarantees, the Canon EBoxS M50 is a very competent option for both photo and video. We are not talking about a high-end camera, but it is very attractive because it is capable of capturing images at a 24 MP resolution in photo and 4K in video.

In addition, one of the strengths of this EBoxS M50 is not only its compact design or its flip-up screen that makes self-recording much easier, but you can use any APS lens that exists for the EF mount. This opens up a very wide range of possibilities and gives you options to improve the quality of your content with brighter lenses, macros, zoom, etc.

Fuji X-T200

If something likes Fuji cameras, in addition to their characteristic retro style, it is the color they offer when taking photos or recording video. It is certainly one of the great values ​​and this Fuji X-T200 has all this. It is true that it is a camera more designed for photos, but it can also capture video to 4K resolution and 30 fps, so we would not highlight it to start creating audiovisual content.

Right now it is at its lowest point, a 41% discount that makes it one of the most attractive this Black Friday if you are looking for a solvent camera in a multitude of scenarios and with a striking design. It also has a folding screen and interchangeable lenses.

Panasonic Lumix G80

For a long time the Lumix G7 has been one of the most recommended cameras from Panasonic for all those who wanted to get started in video, get to generate 4K material and not spend a lot of money. Right now, the Lumix G80 It should be the model to look at, because for just over 500 euros it has all the good things of the G7 plus a 5-axis optical stabilizer that will allow you to obtain a high quality material even when engraving freehand.

With interchangeable lenses, a folding screen, Wi-Fi connection for remote control from your smartphone or tablet, mini HDMI output in case you want to monitor the signal and a 16MP sensor, it is a highly recommended option at an excellent price right now.

Sony ZV1

It is since its launch practically the quintessential camera for vloggers. The Sony ZV1 is not only small and comfortable to carry around with you, it also has everything you really need to produce quality content: 4K video, slow motion, flip-up screen, a super efficient autofocus system, built-in microphones and a protection against the wind included.

Now that it is for practically 600 euros, its minimum to date, it is a great opportunity if you want a very versatile camera for everything you want to do. And beware, it can even become a great B camera for all those situations where the main one cannot be used, because with the different Sony profiles it achieves professional quality.

Sony A6600

It is not the best price at which the Sony A6600 has historically been, but it is such a good camera in all aspects that knowing that you save 220 euros compared to the official price, it is already worth it. And if you already have Sony lenses, it is still cheaper without the Kit lens.

When we were able to analyze it, it became clear to us that it not only offered great image quality in both photo and video, being able to reach 4K and generate video with high dynamic range, also a great autonomy and an ideal stabilization for all those creators looking for a camera with compact dimensions to always carry with them.

Goals to enhance your creativity

The great advantage of all these cameras, except for the Sony ZV1, is that they have interchangeable lenses. So you can change lenses to obtain higher quality, more creative results or directly as you have in mind.

Sony SEL50F18

This Sony lens could be said to be the equivalent to the classic Canon that every user should have if they are starting out in photo and video matters. With a fixed focal length of 50mm and an F1.8 aperture offers very striking results. Also, considering that it is 55% cheaper, it is now or never.

Sigma 16mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary

If instead of a 50mm fixed, which in ASPC-C always increases by the multiplication factor, you prefer something more angular Sigma lenses are a great option. This in particular is a 16mm with an f1.4 aperture that will allow you to record in low light situations and obtain better results along with a more than striking bokeh effect.

The good news is that Sigma also offers versions for other types of frames. Thus, in this case, this same lens for micro four thirds cameras such as those from Panasonic and Olympus or also with EF mount for Canon offers discounts of around 25%.

Sony SEL2470Z Zeiss

Zeiss lenses differ from the rest for an extra quality both in their lenses and the manufacture of the lens itself. In this case you have a 24-70 F4 throughout the entire focal range and E-mount so you have all the versatility that a telephoto lens of this type offers.

With a 40% discount it is quite tempting if you use Sony cameras or if you have bought one and are looking for a glass with which to take full advantage of the capabilities and quality offered by its sensors.

Tamron AF 16-300

Tamron is another of the most important manufacturers when it comes to providing lenses for cameras from other brands. It has versions for different types of mount, this one in particular is for Canon EF.

With a 16-300mm focal range It is a telephoto zoom lens with which you cover a lot of distance and that makes it perfect if you want to go with a single lens. Also, having so much zoom you can photograph distant objects without making your presence known. The latter is ideal for nature photography, although for urban photography it is also very valuable.

Accessories that you cannot miss

Finally, since you are going to equip yourself, what a minimum than to also do it with some accessories that are also quite cheaply priced and will help you improve quality.

Rode VideoMic Go Microphone

A microphone is essential if you are going to record video with audio. Because the integrated into the cameras can be used for specific moments, but they do not give the minimum quality that is demanded today.

East Rode VideoMic Go is inexpensive, does not require extra power and works well in all kinds of scenarios.

Rode VideoMic Pro R Microphone

If you are looking for a somewhat more advanced option that is also at a quite attractive price right now, the Rode VideoMic Pro R is your option. This is a microphone with higher capacities and one of the most used by a multitude of creators of contents. So check it out.

Rode Wireless Go

It is not at its best price, but it is not easy to find them at a discount. Therefore, taking advantage of this 9% less still interests you. Because these Rode Wireless Go are one of the best products that the manufacturer has launched in recent years.

If you did not know them, they are wireless microphones with its own built-in battery and surprising ease of use. What does not mean that you can take advantage of it by combining it with a lavalier microphone or even shotgun microphones to obtain a wireless system adapted to the needs of each moment.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB

Memory cards are essential and if you are going to record video you will also need to have enough capacity to avoid changing every two by three. Finally, if you plan to do it at 4K resolution, it should be fast.

This 128 Gb SanDisk Extreme Pro is a great option and for 34 euros a lot more. Tea you save 37% compared to its usual price.

Manfrotto 190X tripod plus ball head

Lastly, if you are going to go out there to record or do it at home yourself, you will need a good tripod. There are many on the market and all in the end serve you the same, although you will notice differences between one of better quality. This Manfrotto 190X is a tripod for life.

In addition to a great build quality, you can also place its legs in different positions to have the camera higher, lower or simply adapted to the circumstances of each moment. Without taking into account its 48% discount, do you find it interesting or not?

* Note: the link to Amazon in this article is part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. Even with this, our recommendations are always made freely, without attending to requests from the brands involved.


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