Oscar films are more 2.0 than ever

It’s curious. A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that a film in the Oscar race could be so accessible from home, however, in these 2020 awards, the ones that stand out especially are those titles that can already be seen online without having to visit any movie theater.

Much of the blame, of course, he has Netflix, that for a while this part has focused on producing higher quality content with sufficient weight and prestige to qualify for the biggest prize that exists within the world of cinema.


As we have explained on occasion, the indispensable requirement for a film to be nominated is that it has been released in theaters, so that during this past year we have seen how the big red N took to the big screen some of his films – with the occasional confrontation within the industry -, thus obtaining that his proposals have been cast in the lists of nominees

The big beneficiaries of this strategy? Users, of course, that we can now enjoy from the home sofa nothing less than six titles (between movies and documentaries) with options to win the Oscar .

the Irish

Scorsese’s big bet is without a doubt one of the big favorites and he has enough ballots to take some prize, considering that he is nominated in 10 different categories, including best film, director, supporting actor (with two greats such as Al Pacino and Jose Pesci) and photography, among others.

A movie about the 50’s Italian-American mafia that will leave you hypnotized, even if you don’t usually be a fan of “gangster” movies. The address is fantastic, the story is very good (and based on real events) and the performances of 10. Seeing it at home (instead of at the cinema) also has an extra advantage on this occasion: given that it lasts no less than 3 hours and half, you can stop it whenever you want to go to the bathroom.

Story of a marriage

They say that Adam Driver, its protagonist, will not take the Oscar because this is the year of Joaquin Phoenix and his Joker. If it weren’t for that, most likely this actor (the same one that gives way to Kylo Ren in Star Wars) would come out next February 10 with the statuette under his arm.

While we wait to see what happens in this regard, you can see from Stories of a marriage, a real melodrama directed by the particular director Noah Baumbach (nominated for both his direction and the script) who has widely conquered criticism.

In the equation, Scarlett Johansson is also nominated for best leading actress (curiously, she also has the option to take another Oscar for Jojo Rabbit) and Laura Dern, whose best supporting actress award for this film is almost sung.

The two potatoes

The two potatoes It is one of those movies in which you have the feeling that nothing happens but many things happen. It is what you have on the screen with the tempera of two greats like Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce, who put themselves in the shoes of the last two potatoes that Christianity has had to tell us a story based on real events (but with certain creative licenses).

From such a couple and atmosphere have been nominations for best actor for Pryce (he is fantastic), cast actor for Hopkins and best adapted screenplay, because yes, there is a book prior to this movie with the same name (and you have it available on Amazon).

Pain and glory

The proposal of the English director Pedro Almodovar opt for two very important categories: best actor, with Antonio Banderas from Malaga, and best international film (a curiosity of the world: I could give it back to Penelope Cruz).

The options to get the awards are small (especially, as we told you before, in the fierce competition for best lead actor), but that does not take away so that you at home can enjoy a good movie just by grabbing the control (or doing one click on the computer).

By the way, Pain and glory, in which we will know the life of a film director named Salvador Mallo, is considered the closing of a trilogy, started with The law of Desire (1987) and Bad Education (2004) – both also available in the Netflix catalog. Serve yourself

American factory

We cannot leave the documentaries with option to Oscar. The first one is American factory, on how in 2015 a large Chinese company decided to reopen a factory in Ohio (USA), returning the work to thousands of people who were unemployed after the initial closure.

What at first seems like a happy story is just the beginning of the great culture clash between Americans and Chinese and how this ends up affecting workers, forced to strenuous working conditions (very much the Asian method).

In addition to the interesting story, the documentary has a curiosity: after its production, together with Higher Groud, they are nothing less than Michelle and Barack Obama.

The Edge of Democracy

And “from China” we pass to Brazilian lands. And if you are interested in political issues, you probably like it The Edge of Democracy, where we talk about the changing political situation in Brazil of recent years, without cutting a hair when talking about issues as controversial as the abuse of power or the bribery scandals that have splashed the country’s society.

The proposal of the filmmaker Petra Costa has generated, as you can imagine, all kinds of criticism from both «sides» in Brazilian society, which have not done more than revive after knowing the nomination Oscar for best documentary. We don’t want to imagine how I won …

Yes Disney + already available in UK we could also recommend you see Avengers: Endgame (Nominated for best special effects – although Disney campaigned to opt for a better film, you know -); Toy Story 4 (Well, this proposal, nominated for best animated film, arrives on the platform on February 5) or The Lion King (better visual effects). But, for now, we have no other to wait until March 24 to make a new list …