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These are the most popular smartphone brands in UK! Xiaomi grows considerably

Samsung, Huawei, Apple, TCL and Xiaomi. This is the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in UK this quarter of 2020 according to IDC data.

We often talk about the smartphone brands that sell the most in the world, so it is also worth looking at our small market.

Top 5 smartphone manufacturers and their sales

Manufacturer Sales (thousands) Q2 2020
Samsung 159.2
Huawei 104.2
Apple 75.7
TCL (Alcatel) 59.2
Xiaomi 44.3
Others 59.1

Sales dropped in 2020

sale of smartphones Portugal. Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, TCL

As you would expect with the market contraction, smartphone sales fell. Samsung and Huawei, leaders of the UK’s market, fell in their sales considerably.

However, we had good surprises with considerable growth in other manufacturers. Apple grew its sales, TCL doubled and so did Xiaomi.

Huawei remains strong, even without Google services

Huawei is one of the brands that still surprises for being in second place. Even with the adversities he has been suffering. I remember that the new smartphones from Huawei do not offer Google services. That is, no Google Maps, Youtube or even Google Play Store.

Apple iPhone smartphones

Still, the brand has some older devices (before being banned) for sale in our country. Unfortunately, we have no idea which models were the most sold.

Xiaomi and TCL grow in a difficult market

TCL and Xiaomi are the good surprise. Manufacturers have doubled sales and have reason to discuss the next places on the podium. Xiaomi recently entered UK and is already starting to create a positive impact on sales. TCL, on the other hand, has increasingly focused on input terminals and it seems to be working.

Finally, it is still interesting not to see brands like Nokia, LG or even Sony. Manufacturers that were once very relevant in our country.

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