The list is revealed by Chinese benchmark Master Lu. This account of smartphones were most often counterfeited (aka fake) during the year 2019.

Samsung tops this list, being the manufacturer most affected by counterfeiting. 28.7% of fake models are from South Korean manufacturer, being the Samsung W2018 the most counterfeit model, as it has been detected as false 4688 times.

Samsung W2018
Samsung W2018 is the most counterfeit smartphone in the last year

Top 10 (number of times fake models were detected):

  1. Samsung W2018 (4688)
  2. Apple iPhone 8 (4445)
  3. Apple iPhone XS Max (2499)
  4. Apple iPhone X (2130)
  5. Samsung W2019 (2126)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8 + (684)
  7. Xiaomi Mi Max (613)
  8. Xiaomi Mi 9 (463)
  9. Oppo R11 + (426)
  10. OnePlus 7 Pro (407)

The truth is that the most fake model, the Samsung W2018, may surprise Western readers. However, this is a very popular shell-shaped smartphone in China.

iPhone 8 is Apple’s Most Counterfeit Model

Very close to this is the iPhone 8, which has been faked 4446 times. Closing the podium is another Apple model – the iPhone XS Max, which has been counterfeited 2499 times. Also in this table are models like the Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro, tops released during 2019.

These numbers are based on a total of 6,639,704 smartphones tested with Master Lu’s benchmark app. Of these, 57,790 units turned out to be false. 28.7% of these models belong to Samsung, being 15.88% from Apple.

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