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These are the best solutions of light bulbs and intelligent lights of Xiaomi

Xiaomi WiFi smart bulbs and lights

All these products are characterized by offering WiFi connectivity so that we can control them from our mobile phone. In addition, once linked and configured, we can combine them with the intelligent assistants of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, so that we will be able to control them with the voice at any time we want.

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb

Xiaomi bulbs

Xiaomi’s best known product in terms of smart lights is the Mi LED Smart Bulb. It is the traditional smart bulb that we can control remotely to turn it on, off and even select color. The best is its price, since for 19.99 euros (the colorless model) it is one of the cheapest and best performing light bulbs on the market.

In many stores you will find it with the name of Yeelight, which is nothing more than the original model that Xiaomi ended up including in its catalog with its own name.

My LED Desk Lamp

Xiaomi desk lamp

As its name implies, this desk lamp will be responsible for lighting your afternoons in front of the computer, while you study or while reading a book. The smart touch is made by WiFi connectivity and the possibility of choosing the four lighting modes offered through the official application. It has a modern and elegant design, so it is perfect in all types of environments.

My Bedside Lamp 2

Xiaomi nightstand lamp

The option for the bedside table. This cylindrical design lamp illuminates almost the entire body to give a warm and cozy light. It offers a total brightness of 400 nits, although it is also able to stay in the 2 nits to maintain an accompanying light that does not bother us when sleeping. It is one of the lights with the highest price of Xiaomi, but it is also the most complete, and it is that you can pair two units to create relaxing environments with games of color lights.

My Motion-Activated Night Light

Xiaomi presence light

It is the only smart light that does not have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, and this peculiar light is activated with movement. Thanks to its light and infrared sensors, it is able to detect presence at an angle of 120 degrees and a distance between 5 and 7 meters to activate automatically only during the night. After 15 seconds it will turn off again if it has not detected more movement, so it is a great light to place inside cabinets, stairwells and any passageway.

Xiaomi Smart Ceiling Light

Xiaomi ceiling lamp

A traditionally designed ceiling lamp that allows remote control via WiFi and Bluetooth. It offers adjustable white light at different temperatures and has a diameter of 32 centimeters.

Other Yeelight lights compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home app

In addition to the products with the Xiaomi seal itself, there are other Yeelight options that are perfectly compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home application, so we can confirm and control them from our phone without problems. These are some of the lights that we like the most.

Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

Xiaomi LED strip

An LED strip with Wifi connection that you can use to illuminate the back area of ‚Äč‚Äčyour television, shelves, tables or any large flat surface. Thanks to its RGB LEDs we can configure a color tone to our liking, so it is a very colorful solution to give a touch of color to your living room.

Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light

Xiaomi smart ceiling lamp

This lamp is one of the most attractive in the Yeelight catalog. It is a very minimalist design pendant lamp that offers a maximum brightness of 1700 lumens. It has a consumption of 33W and measures 90 centimeters wide, being able to reach a fall from the ceiling of between 0.5 meters and 1.5 meters.

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