These are the best selling smartwatch manufacturers in the world!

Manufacturers with the most sales of smartwatches

Smartwatches are increasingly common. Since the technological evolution in smart watches is increasing, it is not surprising to see little-known manufacturers in smartphones that are beginning to gain prominence in smartwatches.

An example of this is Fossil, Huami (who creates in partnership with Xiaomi) or even Garmin. Samsung, for its part, is far from the top. In fact, according to Counterpoint's analysis, Samsung is not even in the top 3.

Manufacturers with the most sales of smartwatches

Manufacturers with the most sales of smartwatches

First of all we have Apple that gets a sizable slice of the pie. Incidentally, to be more concrete, Apple's business yields more than all competitors combined.

According to the chart, Apple has 51% of the market (in terms of value made from smartwatches). In second place we have the growing Garmin with 9.4% and soon after Huawei with 8.3%. Samsung comes in fourth with 7.2%. A serious drop compared to last year that was in second place with 9.3%.

Apple sells and convinces

Apple Watch

Although iPhones are not the most popular smartphones worldwide, Apple has been selling more smartwatches than anyone else.

We must give due value to the company of Tim Cook who convinces the users of iPhones that the Apple Watch is the best solution. I remember that the Apple Watch has the disadvantage of only working on the iPhone. In the meantime, all other manufacturers give the possibility for their smart watches to work on Android and iOS.

I believe this chart will change soon. We have brands doing an excellent job. An example of this is Huami or even Fossil. Samsung will also have a say.

In turn, Huawei is not restricted in this sector as it is in the mobile segment. That is, it should be a market segment where the brand will bet even more.

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