The best games of the eighth generation of consoles

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The eighth generation of consoles is made up of laptops and some other monstrosity with Android, but the three main axes are without a doubt the most important consoles of the three great players in the industry: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. That said, the compilation that EDGE has made focuses on Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so the most likely thing is that each and every one of the games that we are going to list below will sound well enough for you.



This exclusive PS4 title came from the hand of From Software and Japan Studio, and as expected it followed the foundations of other great titles of the firm, since we are facing a third-person action RPG very similar to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Its peculiar difficulty and game mechanics make it a game that you either love or hate, but you will never put it in the middle.


A big surprise in the form of an indie game that reached the top of the leaderboards on all platforms. Direct successor to Limbo, it is an extremely addictive puzzle that will catch you with its dark aesthetics and its gameplay continually escaping death.

Outer Wilds

Developed by Anapurna Games, this open-world action game places us on a planet that will disappear in 22 minutes due to the explosion of a supernova, so the player will have to advance cyclically by repeating the process over and over again. Many of your actions will affect the next round, so you will have to measure your steps very well to make a useful mark.


Another of the great protagonists when it comes to competitive play. Overwatch was Blizzard Entertainment’s big bet in the world of competitive shooters, coming to innovate in the genre with the presentation of different characters that offer different qualities on the battlefield. The 6v6 player battles that ensue hide more strategy than you might think.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s great work for this generation. A prequel to the mythical Red Dead Redemption with a technical display, dialogue and hours of gameplay that will not bore any video game fan. One of those games that you have to play yes or yes without asking. Pure Rockstar.

Return of the Obra Dinn

This is an easily recognizable game for its static based on 1 bit monochrome graphics. Heir to Papers fame, Please, his creator opted to create a puzzle game in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of a detective who must find out what happened on a ship full of corpses that has appeared after five months missing.

Super mario odyssey

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey

The first Mario for Nintendo Switch could not be missing from this list. Nintendo manages to give one more turn of the screw in the formula of its plumber to offer an impressive journey between worlds to each one more original to, as always, end Bowser’s plans.

The Last Guardian

In addition to being an especially good game, the story of The Last Guardian is accompanied by an endless delay with overtones of cancellation. We are facing another great work by Fumito Ueda, in which dialogues are not necessary to convey emotions and enjoy incredible puzzles accompanied by our peculiar pet.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Sequel Zelda Switch

Another of the Nintendo exclusives that inevitably had to be on this list of the best of the generation. This open-world Zelda managed to lay the foundations for new game mechanics and physics that were surprising despite having graphics that did not attract attention at first. An adventure more than at the height of any great Zelda.

Titanfall 2

The second installment of EA’s shooter continued to take advantage of the pull it produced among the public with its mecha theme. A quite addictive gameplay that is liked both in its campaign and multiplayer modes, a place where the title knew how to find its place among the public.


One of the most surprising indies of recent years, not only for its quality, but for the ability to catch the youngest based on history and characters. A role-playing game with a very simple aesthetic that will remind you of other titles such as Mother or Mario & Luigi, but that manages to gain its own personality, story and dialogue.

What Remains of Edith Finch

A first-person adventure in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of Edith Finch to try to find out the origin of the curse that plagues her family generation after generation. Critically acclaimed for its spectacular storytelling, it is an adventure that entertains from the first minute.


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