These are the alternate endings of the Cold War campaign

These are the alternate endings of the Cold War campaign

ATTENTION SPOILERS: How can you imagine, if next we are going to tell you the options that you will have available when choosing the end of the game, you will understand that everything you will find next is a succession of spoilers that you should not see if you want to stay virgin as far as the history of the Cold War campaign is concerned.

Cold War alternate endings

Knowing this, it will be up to you to continue reading what remains of the text, so hopefully you are not surprised by some of the surprises that the game has in its final stretch.

The end of Cold War

Cold War alternate endings

As in any war, at the end of the game we will have winners and losers, and it will be up to you to define who will be who. After chasing Perseus throughout the game, you will reach the interrogation level, where you must try to remember and remember what happened in that bunker where you took shelter in Vietnam.

Nothing is further from reality. The CIA agents will end up confessing that you are actually a product of a program of the organization that is responsible for introducing memories through drugs and hypnosis sessions, since you are an old Russian militant who was captured with the idea of ​​discovering the origin and location of Perseus.

And it will be at that precise moment that you will have to choose which side to choose. You can tell the truth, and tell where Perseus is to avoid the destruction of the West with the detonation of all the nuclear bombs that the United States had hidden throughout the European continent, or on the contrary, you can lie to them and prepare an ambush with which kill all agents. What to choose?

The options are:

  • Solovetsky. In the Solovetsky monastery.
  • Duga. On the radar antennas near Duga.

The “good” ending

Good ending Cold War

You decide to help the CIA, and reveal that Perseus is in the Solovetsky monastery. You will travel to the place with the entire CIA team to assault the monastery and deactivate the radar with which Perseus intends to activate nuclear weapons. After achieving it and celebrating it, you will meet with Adler to talk, and that will be when the end is revealed. A pistol will be pointed at you and shots will be heard. Who died?

Good ending Cold War

The “bad” ending

Cold War alternate endings

Your communist blood could withstand the American pressure and you decided to lie. Your answer was Duga, an old radio station of gigantic dimensions that emitted a radio signal between 1976 and 1989. Your plan is to convince them that this gigantic antenna will be in charge of emitting the activation signal for the bombs, however Upon arriving at the place, they will discover that everything is deserted.

After chatting and confessing that everything was a lie, they will kill you and the bombs will be activated by Perseus in another part of the world. The Russians have won.

The “ultimate bad” ending

Cold War alternate endings

You do the same, you lie, and you send them to Duga, but before starting the mission, you decide to inform your comrades through a quick radio message. This will set up an ambush that, after giving the proper signal, will cause the Russians to directly attack the CIA agents who were completely baffled by the situation.

This will start a new confrontation in which you will have to finish with all the agents, leaving Adler for last, who will try unsuccessfully to stab you by surprise, and who will end up with his knife stuck in the chest. In the end, after your great work, Perseus allows you to have the honor of initiating the activation sequence of the nuclear bombs.

Collateral damage

Cold War alternate endings

These are the two endings that exist in the game, however, the end sequences of each end will be accompanied by details that may vary depending on how you have completed the missions throughout the campaign. Especially the two secondary missions that appear as operations, Red Circus and Chaos, where you will also have to decipher an encrypted floppy disk and identify three Russian secret agents as secondary enigmas prior to the mission.

Among these decisions and side missions you will find the following:

  • Decide the fate of Quasim Javadi
  • Decide the fate of Anton Volkov
  • Result of Operation Chaos
  • Result of Operation Red Circus
  • An agent will die in Cuba. You decide who it will be at the last minute.


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